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Mika – The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Ever siThe Boy Who Knew Too Muchnce Freddy Mercury has passed away, no one really believed that any man could ever sing as high as the legend could. But when the boys bands started becoming popular and everyone discovered Justin Timberlake, the world was proven wrong. But in 2006, the world was surpised again: Mika appeared in the music scene with his first, and probably most popular single ’till now, Grace Kelly.  He shocked with his over-happy song and very high voice.  His first album was a big success with hits like “Big girls”, “Lollipop” and “Relax, Take It Easy”. In 2010 it was more than time to prove  to the UK and European crowd he could still do it.

Mika (don’t ask me to spell his full name) described his first album as an album about his childhood, his second album about his puberty.  Obviously, the lyrics are different but his style has always stayed the same: playful, colorful and  looking on the bright side of every single issue he approaches.

The first single  “We Are Golden”, gives you a good first impression of how the album is gonna sound. In the song Mika sings about teenagers. He tries to put them in a better light than most people see them as. which is usually negative. “We are not what you think you are, we are golden, we are golden!” he sings, in his typical and cute British accent, with a choir of what seems like all teenagers.

The music video is mainly him, half naked (the right half), dancing in his teenage bedroom on his own song. To me, the bedroom looks more like a girl bedroom with a lot of girly fantasy than a boys’ bedroom, but if Mika claims he’s not gay, I believe him.

The second track, “Blame It On The Girls”, that recently came out as the third single is again a very typical Mika song. And probably my favorite off the album.  With a colorful piano and cute lyrics that make you giggle like a little girl, it reminds me of a cheesy musical and thats how I like him. Actually almost every Mika song makes me think of a musical, but this song is very musical…ish.  The video is a beautiful studio video with mainly choreography and lots of balloons.

“Rain”, the second single is one of the tracks that make you feel like you had the worst day of your life, and you could just scream at everyone. Thats probably also his inspiration for the song since he almost literally screams (with a pinched voice, of course) in the chorus. I still don’t get how a man can sing like that. But o well.

What I specifically like about the song is the beat and the synthesizers. It makes you feel heated up. And not on a good way.

The next track, “Dr. John”, starts out quite slow with only the piano on the background but when the chorus comes, it kind of explodes into a fest. O holy, Dr. John. Whoever the guy is, it looks like it’s his birthday.

Usually, on a typical pop album, the singles are the first few tracks, and then the ballads walk in at track five or six.  Thats my theory, anyway. And this time my theory has been proven right, yet again. The fifth track, “I See You”, is the most typical ballad you’ll ever hear. A piano-based song that is put on fire towards the end.

Blue Eyes is for once not piano-based but guitar based, which is quite different  and surprising, but pleasantly surprising. Earworm approaching. I can assure you that. “Blue eyes, blue eyes, whats the matter, whats the matter with you.” are the  lyrics off the chorus, and it enlightens every single  fourteen year old’s girls day.

‘Good Gone Girl’  is apparently a song about Georgia.  Since in the first verse he sings “her name is Georgia.” Yes, it can be that easy.  I like this song, but it doesn’t make me happier, which a good Mika song does do.

Woa, “Touches Me”, reminds me of a typical black Americal church Choir. Enough said?

‘By the Time’ starts with um… a pinching voice (duh) singing “Don’t wake up, don’t wake up” and it’s the perfect lullaby . If you have a screaming two year old at home, and you don’t like to sing, put this song on the radio and you’ll be fine. Just remember not to f all asleep too, because its quite boring.

‘One Foot Boy’ has one of the best lyrics in the album. Certainly the lyrics ” empty loving makes me sea sick”, reminds you of the creative writing style Mika has. The song itself, though doesn’t make you wake up after falling asleep in “By the Time”.

Toy Boy, hmm, I don’t like. Too much musical for me, and for a lot of people, probably.

Really, after the the seventh song or so the album just goes down hill for me. I don’t know why but it seems like they’ve put the best songs on the first part of the album, and the rest are just fillers. It’s a shame because I know that a lot of listeners are going to back down, too. I don’t feel the need to review the last couple of songs off the album, because my attention went somewhere else, actually.

Mika has released a great album but its a shame from the many fillers. But the singles he’s chosen are the best so far, so his management might know too. His style is very happy, colorful and half of the time it makes you feel like you’re in a musical. This time with a teenage boy as the main caracter. I just still wonder if he doesn’t buy too tight underwear. I mean, come on. But people love it, so I’m not going to complain.




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