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Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Brand New Eyes No one had expected them: a rockband with a  soul and a ginder haired  girl as the leader. Wow. What an influence did they have on fourteen year old outsiders back in 2007 when they released the first single and video; “Misery Business”. I didn’t really know what to think about them, and I still don’t. Are they real or are they fake? I assume they’re both.

But how can you be a successful band these days without being fake. You gotta affect people to be able to make money and how’s the best way? Affecting teenagers of course. Since they have the money and they want to spend it on what drives them in their spare time, which they have a lot of too.

Enough teenager psychology though; Paramore has surprised me.  Even though they sing for all the fourteen year old outsiders out there, they do it well, on an actual artistic level.

After I bought “Riot!”, I knew if they’d release another album, I’d have to buy it too, and so I did.  “Brand New Eyes” came a little late, but it was worth waiting.

“Careful”, the first track off the album does what a typical punk/pop song should do: it scares you and slaps you so hard in the face that it hurts. But once you get used to the hurt, it becomes pleasant.  Paramore is known for their confronting lyrics, and you can’t look next to it. On every song, actually.  Hayley Williams (who’s only 22) sings “open your eyes, like I opened mine.”  Okay, then.

With Careful and a lot of other songs, like for example “Playing God”, you can hear Hayley and the other band members put a lot of their anger in the album.  The writing is not just a recipe, its real. And it makes me think, damn, Haley must have been cheated on a lot.

“Ignorance”, the first and representing single is one of those songs. With the guitar intro, that seems to be in every song, they already make a statement before the song has begun.  You think she’s right about the issue she’s having with the person in particular, but in fact you have no clue, they just convince you she is right.

First I thought Ignorance was like any other Paramore song, but now that I’m used to it – I was wrong, it is like any other Paramore song, only slightly better. And harder.

“Playing God” isn’t that hard like Ignorance or Careful, and you can feel it from the beginning since the intro starts with just a guitar, without the violent drums. It’s a quite sad song, even though she still makes it sound like she’s confronting. In ghetto words: She’s fierce.  Playing God is one of the better songs off the album, because its not a ballad but it has this certain sadness. I wanted it to be a single, but since the cd cover says “Brand New Eyes includes: Ignorance, Brick By A Boring Brick and The Only Exception”, I figured it wouldn’t.

Lets discuss “Brick By A Boring Brick”. I think a lot of people have this too: Its when you download or buy an album and you listen to it a couple of times, there are certain songs you never listen to after a while and there are certain songs you always play. I always played Brick By A Boring Brick. Mainly because it’s one of those very accessible songs with the catchy hook and a very catchy outro. Yes, you have to wait ’till the end for the best. It’s kinda dreadful really, but there wouldn’t be any point of skipping because then it misses the effect.

The video for the track is something different. It’s the first video they’ve recorded without the band playing a mini concert.  And she’s blonde! Enough talking, here comes the outro: pa ra pa papa pa pa pa ra pa papapa pa!

Okay, sorry. Next song is Turn It Off, I personally think its quite silimar to Playing God, it has this kind of sadness that makes you just sob. But the vocals come more across and it really starts to hit you during the collision and the last chorus. After that it fades away quietly. Great song.

The next song is the third single, “The Only Exception”, where again the lyrics are the best part of the song. Certainly because its more of an acoustic song. It’s actually a very typical kind of acoustic song, and fits perfectly in album. It creates peace and silence, since most of the other songs are usually not that peaceful and kind of hateful.

“Feeling Sorry” is one of those songs that is never meant to be on the radio, but fans must love.  It hits off fast, and it stays fast.

“Looking Up”, to me, sounds exactly the same as “Feeling Sorry”, too much of one song for me. Next please.

“Give Me Attention, I need it now” is the first line of “Where The Lines Overlap”, where she sings about the band how lucky they are to be in the band. I agree, they’re pretty darn lucky. But they could have been thinking  about the tracklist, and certainly the last few songs. A great part of the song is though, the collision. It’s certainly one they’ll get the crowd going crazy with. But on the album, no. Well, it just doesn’t have the potential a few other songs has. Thats all, really.

The (official because Decode is on there too) last song “All I wanted does have the potential and is a really good song. But so, so corny. It’s one of those songs you just know something’s gonna go down, and it does. Sometimes music expresses a lot of feelings and actions, this song does too. The feeling that it gives me is one of those feelings where you just wanna crash someone’s apartment and throw shoes at the person. Or a knife. I’m not a violent person, don’t look at me like that.

But the feelings are logic, I think. Since Hayley almost literally screams “All I wanted was you”, repeatedly.

The unofficial last song, “Decode”, is one of their biggest hits. But we all knew it would be. Since its the soundtrack of one of the biggest teenage flicks in the world; Twilight. I have, in all honestly, never seen the movie. Well I have, but I got bored when that girl met the vampire. You know what I mean, in chemistry class. Anyway, it took me a while before I understood the lyrics. It’s very sung on a very strange but nice way. I finally got the lyrics, with the help of google. And again, wow at the lyrics.

The fact that they pay a lot of attention to the lyrics is very clear in the booklet actually, where the words turn into art. I love those kind of things. Typography can do all sorts of things to a human. And even though it makes it so hard to read, who reads the booklet anyway? It’s nice looking, thats the only important thing.

This album is everything that Paramore used to be, but improved, empowered and a little more grown up.  They’re no longer singing about teenage drama, but about actual drama, which I still love because any drama in my life, without me actually being in it, is good.



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