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Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom

One of the biggest class acts in Hollywood, Alicia Keys has released her latest and her fourth album, Element Of Freedom.  The 28-year old singer started out only 9 years ago with her debut album “Songs In A Mirror” and the monster hit “Fallin'”. Since the big success of the first album, she has been unstoppable and had many hits including “A Woman’s Worth”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, “No One” and the recent hit with Jay-Z “Empire State Of Mind”.

Alicia Keys is a hitmaking multi-talent and she has proven herself many times. So, I thought it was time to take a listen to her recent and successful album, “Element Of Freedom”.

Typical Alicia, she wrote a beautiful poem and used it for the intro of the album.  After that, it hit off, and I’m already enjoying it.

“Love Is Blind”, is the official first song on the album and she sings, -it a kind of robotic way, a way we’re not used to hear from her- , about well… love that is blind. But the weird thing is that she’s starting a relationship and she is very aware of the fact that love is blind. Smart one, there.  It’s quite different from the former stuff she has done, so I’m quite excited for more.

“Doesn’t Mean Anything”, the first single is the 3rd (or 2nd, the way you look it it) song off the album. Now that IS a typical Alicia song again, and its a damn good one, too.  It’s dramatic, and even a little sad. But the lyrics, to me, sound weak. Well, not weak, but for some reason it reminds me a lot of “If I Ain’t Got You”, both songs where she compares money and love and makes a clear point of the fact love has more value than money.

“Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” is the second single, but not as depressing as the title. Well, its still really depressing, but she does sing “tonight, I’m gonna try to make it without you.” It makes me want to pat her and tell her ‘good for you, girl’ and we’d go to Starbucks and eat chocolate cake. Okay, I’ll stop dreaming. Anyway, the song hits off with the most incredible beat i’ve ever heard. Okay, no, i’ve heard better ones, but it’s quite impressive for this artist.  It’s a little less raw than most of her songs, and in the video thats clear, too.  The track ends with her singing “la la la”, as in “I’m gonna be okay”.

And then the song “Wait Till You See My Smile” starts, and I now  KNOW she’s gonna be okay. Wow, what a song, really. With violins making a bridge between chorus and verse, the song gets build up, and let me tell you, it feels like you just walked down the isle. And then you cry and then you smile and then life starts and you have babies and… aw. Just, aaawww.

“Thats How Strong My Love Is”, is just another Alicia lovesong, really. With only a piano and an upcoming violin and of course her precious vocals, she sings her love song that will blow every man’s hearts. That is, if men would have feelings.

“Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” has a little more to it than the previous song, not only because Drake sings on it, but also because it’s just a better song. I think I hear occasional drums in the song, and they do their job.  It gives the song that little extra fire, which it definitely needed.  Oh, and theres a bas guitar at the end, thats great too.

“Love Is My Disease” is one of those one-for-the-fan thingies.  It’s what soul should sound like, but that doesn’t mean its appealing. Or maybe its just too corny.

“Like The Sea”, is more appealing, still really corny, though. But the lyrics are a bunch of perfect metaphors, and that is respectable. She sings “Love is like the sea, it takes you over”.  Hmm, yea. I love metaphors.

The next song is -rolls her eyes- a duet with no other than Beyoncé Knowles. “Put It In A Love Song” is a catchy, but VERY repetive song that I predict to be a single. Oops, wikipedia has teached me (other than most of my knowledge) that its already a single. Anyway, its a single but that doesn’t make me a listen to it more often.

“This Bed”, is a song i’ve heard several times in the H&M stores. I don’t know why, but hey, I kind of liked it. There goes my random fact of the day. Alicia sings “This bed, is too lonely without you.” Its strong, powerful and the high vocals blow me away. It also makes me think about the value of a bed after a relationship. Never thought about it, really.

From “This Bed”, we go right back to an aw-song again. “For all the lovers, who can’t be together, seperated in distance and time”, she introduces the song. I’m officially crying. Nah. But good and sad song, though. Her specialty.

“How It Feels To Fly”, sounds like any other song. What can I say?

The last song, is how every album should end. Well, not really because otherwise every album would sound the same after a while. But, its very nice to hear how a hit sounds without the rappers and the glamor with nothing more than a piano and a sky rocking voice.

Overall, the album is great, but its one of those fan-based albums, if you know what I mean. Not a lot of big hits on it, but its good enough to please.  It’s typical Alicia and there isn’t a lot of difference and refreshing in the album, but it’s good enough to keep her in the charts, and thats what we all want, right? It tears up your heart, but we never wanted anything else for her to do.



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