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MGMT – Congratulations

MGMT So they’re back: the famous band, or whatever they are, MGMT  have just released their second album, “Congratulations”. After their first big success with their debut single “Electric Feel”, they’ve established an interesting  fan base. No one really knows what they do and how they do it, but apparently it seems to work, certainly when you see the chart positions of songs like “Time To Pretend”, and especially “Kids”. Talking about kids, have you heard the song “The Opposite of Adults” by the Rapper Chiddy Bang? It proves that their beats can provide hits for any kind of genre.

Either way, they’re back with the new album, the expectations are high and I hope they won’t disappoint. What I am already surpised by, though, is the limited tracklist of only nine tracks. They better be all good.

“It’s Working” is the first track.  It’s hard to describe their style, and that goes for this song, as well. I could say its sweeping, and it reminds me of The Beatles for some reason. For this song, that is. A Futuristic Beatles, all though that doesn’t make any sense. But this band doesn’t make any sense, so there you go.

“Song For Dan Treacy” is a cacophony of sounds so you hate it or love it.  At a certain point you hear a sort of choir, or whatever it. It could also be computerized or something. We’ll never know. Well, we will but I don’t really care. The song works.  Earwuuuuurm.

“Someone’s Missing'” starts as strange as the first previous songs, but not more strange than we’re used to hear.  With unnatural high vocals, the song is a rather slow song, and starts to build up near the end. 2:30 is the exact time for the song, and it sounds like it shouldn’t have been any longer. Not because its bad, but because it would ruin the whole song.

“Flash Delirium” is the first single.  You hear him sing; “Dance! Till your heart explodes”, and thats how it feels, too.  In the middle of it all you hear a flute doing his thing. Another reason why you can’t really define the band. But maybe thats why it makes it special.

I must stay that I expected more of the first single, I expected it to have a more defining sound like the previous singles. A tune you can’t get out of your head. But I guess thats not the case. It’s an intriguing song, however.

The synthesizer is present, more than ever in the song “I Found A Wistle”. To me, the song sounds rigid.  Do I hear an accordion? O god. Now, see I’m openminded but to me that sounds like a wannabe nurse home performer. Lets wheelchair dance, now!

Okay, put the wheelchairs aside, its time for some acoustic guitar. Not really the instrument and the intro you’d expect for a MGMT song, but its reality with “Siberian Breaks”.  Even though its as boring as the previous one, its less rigid, less corny. Atleast, all of this information is based on the first 3 minutes of the track. the full length appears to be over twelve minutes. It really pushes the anti-commercial button they want to achieve,  I guess.

A little over the middle of the song, you can hear the song stops. A new song starts. Which is deceiving, but once you’ve heard the whole thing, you get it.

A local reviewer called the next song, “Brian Eno” utter shit, so I had to review this one too. The song feels like a they just rushed someone to the hospital, or they’re still doing it.  It also has a spooky aspect to it, but after a few rather boring songs, it was about damn time. What I love in the album is the base line.  The song can be a little repetive. But then the outro hits, and its quite pleasant.

“Lady Dada’s Nightmare” is funeral material.  And I’m not even kidding, its instrumental and you would really think you’re in some kind of funeral when you’re listening to this. There, the dead guy’s family walking towards the coffin.  Its probably meant to be nightmare music, and that works too.

if you can count “Congratulations” is the ninth and last track. And a nice one, too.  Its more average than their other songs, and thats what makes it good, probably. Or more likable, anyway. It’s a summer ballad that makes people put their lighters up whenever they’re performing on an open air festival. You know, the summer camp feeling. I think its an improvement from the funeral feeling, to be honest.

Overall, MGMT hasn’t surprised me with their second album. But what I have seen is a somewhat more darker atmosphere.  There is also slightly more cacophony on this album, which leads to a less commercial album.  They slightly disappoint though, there are less hits in it. Seems like expectations aren’t fulfilled.



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