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Kate Nash

Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You

First of all, let me say that I don’t make it myself easy. Damn it, why don’t I write about butterflies, boys and other daily things? Anyhow, it’s a sunny day so its time for some sunny music. As promised: some Kate Nash. Enjoy. Ps; its a long read, I know. Couldn’t help myself.

My Best Friend Is You Kate Nash is a chipper soon-to-be twenty three year old singer from the UK. In 2007 her career launched with her first single “Foundations”, After the debut single, her debut album “Made Of Bricks” hit the stores and charted very well in many countries.  She scored with many singles such as “Pumpkin Soup” and “Mouth Wash” and surprised everyone with her unique way of writing. Her style is called “Indie Pop”, or “Anti Folk”, whatever that may be.

Today, she’s back with the new album called “My Best Friend Is You”, and the expectations are high.

“Paris” is the first track off the album, and already the album smashes. Typical Nash for making a song with a random title like that, I really had to look into it to find out what the title was abou Okay so  I still have no idea, but I gave up.  The song is jolly, as Kate Nash always is.  With some violins, and tag lines as “no, you’re not better than me”, its a good hit off.

“Kiss That Grrrrl” is the fans favourite, from the things I’ve read and  I know why. It’s poppy, summerish, but its’ also about extreme jealousy. She sings “Kiss that girl, and I will shrink her”.  Even though lots of girls don’t want to admit, they all agree. And thats great about this song. The song also has great instrumentals, with some drums, some violins and some trumpets.

From two joyous sounding tracks, we stumble into the third track called “Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt”, its a long title, and what I imminently hear is the very typical writing style she has. Kate Nash never writes on a conveniant way, you see. It’s like she writes these little stories, or letters. And that’s quite fascinating. Instead of writing letters and sending them, she writes a song, and when the song comes out, the message is out, to about just anyone in the world.  In this song, its there as well. But it seems to work.

After a few minutes of calmly singing her letter, she starts rambling about the things she would love to do, about life, about nature, just about anything. Anything.

“I Just Love You More” is in another category. God only knows in what kind of category. But in this song, she definitely  shows that the new album is different from the old one.  It’s dark cold rock, and it reminds me of those songs that rock stars used to play in small gigs late at night after having several tequila shots and some cocaine. If she wanted to, she could have let the song go on for hours, and if she would have been that junk rockstar, the crowd in the gig wouldn’t have cared.  but thank god for us the song only takes about three minutes.  It’s pure pain, the whole way through. Thats not a bad thing, though.

I was glad the song was done so I could listen to the first single, “Do-Wah-Doo”.  Which is quite different from her previous singles, but still very Kate Nash, and what’s more: you can hear its inspired by old bands like The Supremes. Which is, as you can see from her fashion sense, good old fashioned Kate Nash.  Do-Wah-Doo is my current addiction, its a typical British pop kind of catchy, and I like it.  The bitchy thing is that it’s sticky and I have it in my head all day long, but I just cannot sing it. I mean, I can’t sing, thats not the point, the point is, whenever I sing I always sing “pam shiwapam para pam peram perampam”.  yea. Lets move on now. I smell awkwardness on my side.

“Take Me To A Higher Plane” must come straight out of Ireland. Because the folk taste is big.  It’s the I’m-loosing-my-mind type of song, and its livid. But I can’t help to dance. I’m getting happy. Isn’t that weird?

“I’ve Got A Secret”, is one of those you’re-making-me-curious songs. yea, those exist too.  Tell me the secret, already! If you really want to know the secret, please for your own sake, don’t listen to the song. It’s made you curious, but no.  She won’t reveal any secret. Too bad. It’s crystal clear: this song isn’t all that good.

The next song, “Mansion Song”, is hilarious.  It’s not much of a song, but the lryics are amazing. I won’t need to repeat some of the lyrics, but its basically about her preaching about care free, pure and raw lust on an unchristian age.  Her preach turns into a small story of how women use sex to get ahead.  After her beautiful words, drums kick off and the actual song starts. Men think she’s whining, women think she’s amazing. It’s so feminist, and as the feminist I am, bring it on.

“Early Christmas Present” is far away from “Mansion Song”, it goes back to her previous album. Light on the stomach.

“Later On” starts with some parade drums. It’s more of a sad song, which is unusual for Nash, but it does do something.

“Pickpocket” is a some sort of acoustic piano song. But the thing is, so are the last two ( You Were So Far Away & I Hate Seagulls) songs. I’ll never be able to understand why albums like this always start great but end in boring acoustic ballads like this.

But, My Best Friend Is You has fulfilled the expectations, and growth is there. Kate has traded in the piano for the most part into drums  and guitars, and that makes it a little more spicier. But aging does that to people. Up to the next one.

by the way, this is getting a way too long review. Told you so.



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