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Train – Save Me San Francisco

Save Me “Train” is a band that goes a long, long way back.  They go back to 1994 when they used to cover Led Zeppelin. But time has passed by, and things have changed. In 1998 they released their first and selftitled album. At first they were only known by the rock crowd, and their songs were only played on big rock stations, but with their second single “Meet Virginia”, they had a small hit and landed in the Billboard Hot 100.

After that success they started working on their sophomore album, “Drops Of Jupiter”, which is up until now their biggest success. After “Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)”,  they released two other albums. In 2006 they took a long break, but now they’re back with their new album “Save Me San Frncisco” and it looks like they’re acheiving a next big hit with “Hey Soul Sister”. I’m excited.

Train has always been that typical American rock band with a certain southern flavour and mealy lyrics. You don’t expect them to have smash hits, but when you’re a fan, you expect them to be good. And they are.

“Save Me San Fransisco” is a typical happy rock N Roll song, with their own lets-burn-the-roof American attitude. As far as I can tell, that’s gonna be a red line for the whole album.

“Hey Soul Sister” is the first singe and probably the most succesfull Train single ever, or yet. It has a very summer feeling, and the video is full of romance. With some “hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!” lyrics, I alrady feel like I’m in the south of france. (read: I’m actually going to the south of  France this year. Yea, be jealous. ) I love the cute tune of the little guitar. Is it a mandoline?  If only I knew.

“I Got You” is a little more relaxed, even though every Train song has in my opinion a very relaxed tune.  But this one in specific, reminds me of a good old summres day, hanging out at the beach, with a camp fire.  It has a great base line.

“Parachute” is a less relaxed song, and more of a pure rock song, the kind you’d expect on their first few albums.  I expect “Parachute” to be a minor radio hit, even though it could do a lot better.

“This Ain’t Goodbye” is what it is. It starts with a short piano intro and it’s nothing more than a corny ballad.  This could easily be a David Foster production.

” If It’s Love”, brings life into the album again. Finally some good electric guitar music.  Okay, so not really. It’s still very lovey dovey. He sings “Love, love, love gotta have something to keep us togehter”. Aw.

“You already know” has another feeling. And that is what I’m talking about. A great, mysterious intro that slowly falls into some wild guitar and drum amusement.

“Words” goes right back to the romance department. If you’re girlfriend is somewhat a fan, go up to her place with a rose, play this song and you’ll get a wonderful night.  It’s what they do.

“Brick By Brick” is a beautiful ballad with some violin. I’m really starting to wonder why David Foster hasn’t called these kids yet? But whatever floats your boat, I guess.

“Breakfast in Bed” is another ballad, even though its kind of different. Kinda. They’re wispering and it’s a late night ballad. You know, the one after the guy with the rose got in the house.  Especially after the guitar hits in near the end. Great song.

The last song, “Marry Me”, is really cheesy but thats the way an accoustic song should be. Great ending, actually. Except if you just got dumped by your fiancé.

The new album is the typical romantic rock kind of style that you hear in several West Coast bands. With some violins, some several guitars, a drum and a great singer, this band warms many women’s hearts. But that’s also caused by the image they’ve got. They’re rockstar looking but at the same time it also says “hey, I’m on the road a lot, but I love you and I’ll always support you.” Especially now that they’re a tad older.  Too cheesy or not, neverless it’s a great album.



2 thoughts on “Train – Save Me San Francisco

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