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Florence + The Machine – Lungs

LungsO gosh, what an appearance. Where do I start? Florence Welch is born in London only twenty tree years ago.  In 2007, she dropped out of  Camberwell College Of Arts to persue a music career. And Thank god, she did.

Very quickly, she started a band, but she of course is the leading singer.  “Lungs” is her debut album, and has become a smash hit in the UK, but is conquering the world. And me.

So, the album opens with the second single “The Dog Days Are Over”, and is the first song, I’ve heard in full. I know, I know, what a shame but I’m here now, aren’t I? Truth to be told: It’s a very bright, energetic and lovely song. Many blogs, reviews and people have named the song as the stand out track, and before I’ve heard the other songs, I can already tell they’re right. There is no other way.

It seems to me that Florence + The Machine had a very bombastic style, and I’m not wrong about that in “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” either. Now see, even though I said that I haven’t actually heard a lot of songs yet, the impact of this woman hits me after recognizing this song. I must have  heard this, and many other songs somewhere on some radio. The track is great, even though it’s less catchy than the first song, her voice pretty much strikes you.

“I’m Not Calling You A Liar” has something melancholic.But it’s more than just a sad song. Even though its less for her.

The next song is called “Howl'”, and one experience on itself. It’s as melancholic and gloomy as “I’m Not Calling You A Liar” but there’s a lot more frustration to it. Anger and pain. They say good artists always write their best songs in depressing phases of life, in this case, it’s very viewable

“Kiss With A Fist”, is the first single of the album, and accordingly, featured on the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack. What I feel about this song that it includes a lot more rock n roll than all her other songs. It’s fast and raw, and on top of that, the vocals aren’t all that.  But that’s okay, because difference is good.

“Girl With One Eye” starts with a blue feeling, but ends like an explosion, and a good one too. At the end she sings “you make me cru-u-u-u-y”, with some heavy background vocals. Didn’t see that one coming, for sure.

“Drumming” is on KT Tunstall’s level, but is a lot less chippy and a lot more dramatic.  A lot more dramatic.  It’s one of those I-expect-something-to-happen-but-when songs.  Stand out number two.

“Between The Lungs'” has got me excited. If  I’d Ever make a movie scene where slowly wakes up and achieves some miracles in the day, this song will be the soundtrack. Pure happiness after sunrise.

“Cosmic Love” starts where “Between The Lungs” has left off. But it’s not as good.  Even though the harp is a quite good completion, it makes the song a little lighter to the stomach because o what a big whip cream is that.

I love quiet, upcoming intros, and in “My Boy Builds Coffins”, it’s excellent. But it seems like her voice is too big for this small bowl. I don’t even dare to complain, though.

The harp makes his comeback in “Hurricane Drunk”, but this time it’s not toning the song down, it makes it a lot more refreshing and happy. She’s in a state where she’s passed the phase of  “things have to get worse before they get better.” She must have written this song and “The Dog Days Are Over” at the same afternoon. Sitting in the sun, smiling.

“Blinding” is a battle that approaches you, on that typical (I’ve found that out now) Florence way. It’s hard to listen to, all though that’s not always a bad thing.

I had to wait till the last song for the best. “You’ve Got The Love” is a little more commercial, than other songs but it’s catchy and you can tell why they’ve chosen the song to be a single.

O goody, goody, goody. What an album. What an experience.  She’s known and loved because of her ice queen style and red hear but with the warmest voice.  The truth is, that when you combine those things, no one would really think it would work. Actually, no one expected it. But it worked, and how. Excellence.



2 thoughts on “Florence + The Machine – Lungs

  1. I just have one thing to say, Blinding is one of the most beautiful songs i’ve ever hear from Florence and the Machine!

    Posted by jessrachael | May 6, 2010, 4:37 am
  2. Blinding IS a really great track. But Lungs is an excellent debut album, in general. so yea 🙂

    Posted by musictastic | May 9, 2010, 4:36 pm

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