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Hi everyone,

so as you can see, I’ve changed the layout, and I hope you like it. But that’s not the only changes I’ve made. From now on, you can look at some videos of artists I’ve reviewed. But most importantly, you can follow me on twitter.

I know, I know, I may be a little late with the twitter deal. But I’ve had Twitter before for a lot of other purposes, and I thought it as time to use it again. This time in purpose of the blog.

First of all: I’m a fan of random things. Random comments, in specific. But I hate random comments on blogs. They don’t belong there, unless it’s feedback from you. Yea, you. But me? No.

Twitter also provides me to write messages like this on a short way, and on a lot quicker way. It’s quick and easy. The way life should be. Unless you’re talking about love. That’s not good. Anyway,

please visit and follow me at www.twitter.com/Musictastic and find out what’s next just about everyday.



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