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Taio Cruz – Rokstarr

RockstarrWe’ve seen him cruising around on his yacht for a couple of months now, so it was about time to review the heart breaker, himself. Taio Cruz is his name and he’s straight from London, England. After producing several big hits for pop artists such as PCD and Justin Timberlake, it was time for him to bring out his own album. And so he did.

“Break Your Heart” is first track and single from the Rokstarr album, and caused a lot of stir in the music industry. In both the UK and the US, it has been a number one single. And it wouldn’t surprise me, other countries will follow.  It’s probably due to the great beat (co-produced by Taio himself) and the repetitive chorus. And the catchy stay-away-from-me-if-you-want-a-long-term-relationship lyrics. I had no lower expectations.

No low expectations for “Dirty Picture” as well. For a simple reason: It’s with Ke$ha. Surprisingly, the song doesn’t sound like any RnB material, but more like a David Guetta song.  With a hard, euro-dance beat. I actually don’t really see the excitement. Other than the fact that I don’t like his co-singer, it’s not a a David Guetta level, sadly. He sings “take a dirty picture, snap” Okay, it’s done.

“No Other One” has the same kind of tune as “Break Your Heart” and has a huge auto tune all over the song, that makes his vocals sound like Akon.  Even though he produced the song himself, it could have easily been produced by JR Rotem, but that’s not necessary good.  The track sounds exactly like “Break Your Heart”, the lyrics are the exact opposite. I still give him credit for credibility though, he did write everything.

“Forever Love” is a semi-ballad with some dance breaks. Confusing? I know. I’ve got a feeling as if it wants to be a dance track but fails because it’s not strong enough. He really should’ve given his tracks over to David Guetta. The potential is there, and he’s a good producer but it’s too soft. For My Liking.

“Take Me Back” is another eardrum hit of the singer/producer/songwriter. The good thing is that unlike the previous tracks, this one has enough beat to be catchy enough to make people remember the track title’s name. With Taio singing the chorus and Tinchy Stryder rapping the verses, it’s a good club banger. And probably better when some Dj remixes the whole thing.

“Best Time” has a sweet, sweet sexy sent all over the place. They used take their girls to fancy restaurants, now they make auto tuned ballads. Times change. I’m not feeling romantic though, I’m actually bored out of my mind.

“I’ll Never Love Again” has a piano intro. I thought this song would wake me up, but I was wrong. The track must probably make you feel like it sweeps you away, but it doesn’t. Not just yet.

“Only You” is yet another same song. I caught myself doing other things while listening to the song.

I want to give every song a chance though, so that’s why I listened to “Falling In Love”, and I must say it was a good decision. I was about to fall asleep in the first part of the song but near the middle of the song, it gets a twist. In this song, he DID get to sweep me away.

“Keep Going” is a rather sunny song. I like. But it’s too close to “Break Your Heart”, which is such a shame.

“Feel Again”, surprise surprise, boy-band ballad as the last track. I don’t think it’s working out.

in the aggregate, it’s not really a bad album, but I expected more. I thought Taio Cruz was a great producer, but that got me deceived. The album only has a few stand out tracks, including the big hits, but other than that they’re either copies of those tracks or cheesy ballads. Most of the songs are either over produced or under produced, all though the vocals are always overproduced.   I like the fact that he’s going on a euro-dance way for a few of the songs, but things could have been a little more rough, it’s not cutting edge.  Non of it, really.




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