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Artist Review: The Greatness of Lady Gaga

gagaI usually don’t do artists reviews, but Lady Gaga is too grand, too much of it all to only do an album review. Her albums aren’t just albums, they’re much more. It’s strange because, she changed from a nobody to a everybody in less than a year. there’s a huge overkill, but everyone keeps on buying everything Gaga.  And this is why I would like do discuss Gaga. The Greatness Of Gaga.

Lady Gaga: In the beginning of 2008, no one had a clue. Now, only two years later everyone knows and they all know so well. She went from “I don’t know, is she a singer?” to “did you see that new outfit?” on the fastest pace, I’ve ever seen. There is no way around her, even though some people may want to. And the craziest thing is that, its universal. Young, old, chinese, American, European, everyone loves the odd and shocking style of Lady Gaga.

The truth is, what I am going to tell you today will be dated tomorrow. Once you think you know Gaga, she’s doing something else to shock you again.  But I wonder: Will it ever get old? Who knows.

The fascination

All I know is that she’s got me fascinated. And she’s fascinating every single person on this planet. Unless you live under a rock.  But I guess even Spongebob’s friend Patrick knows who she is.

Everyone thinks it started out with “Just Dance” or “Pokerface”, but we know better now. It started a long time before that. Some say Gaga is genius, others say she’s just has a good plan. I don’t know if she’s genius, but she does have, and always had, a good plan. It’s crystal clear.  Sometimes, I wonder if she used to sit at her desk thinking about everything for hours. Scrap, write, scrap and think.  But everything Gaga couldn’t have never been created by one person.

Anyway though, Lady Gaga isn’t just an artist in so many ways. I’d like to see her as a product. In fact, she’s a lot of things. She’s a product, but she’s also the boss of that product. She’s the shoes, but she’s also the shoe factory and the boss of the shoe store. We, we’re the shoe owners. We buy, we enjoy and we experience the craft work.

The fantasy

It’s weird, I guess. Because she’s not just any celebrity. She’s famous, very famous, but Lady Gaga is famous for being Lady Gaga. What else do we know about the person behind the product? Well, we know she’s 24 years old, we know she’s Italian and has a typical Italian name, Stephani Germanotta. But, truth to be told, if I would have to do a story on Stephani, I would have to dig, and I would have to dig deep.

She’s as famous as Madonna by now, but there are quite a lot of differences. In the info we get, though. We all know Madonna, we know where she lives, we know who’s she’s dating and who she has been dating. We know what her children do and what they wear. Lady Gaga, well, she doesn’t have children yet, but no one really cares about her private life. But hey, do you care where you’re shoes come from? I don’t, I just wanna know how much they cost and if they look good on me.

With that in mind, I can conclude that Gaga is an artist in function of the people.  One time, she gave an interview where she stated “I’m a lie”, in her recent Monster Ball she quotes every night: “I hate the truth, I’d rather have a whole load of BS”.  Apparently, she also hates money, and on top of that she also claims she’s kind of shy. But on the contrary, she dances her clothes off (literally) at every show, refuses to take off her heels and likes dyeing her hair pee-blond. It’s a fantasy, a fantasy she provides for us. Will this fantasy make us better people? Probably not, but we put the record on and it makes us feel great about it. Spin that record, babe.

Last Monday, I went to see her concert. I knew I had to, because it would be the concert of the year, and I just couldn’t miss it. But it was interesting to see what kind of people were there. Yes, she’s famous for having her gay fans, but other than the gay stereotypes there were a lot of other varieties: Young, old, straight, gay, lots of different people were there.  And I think, it’s easy to explain.

The Fame

She just appeals to a lot of different people: Fashionistas and outsiders. They’re all there. Gaga has told the press several times, that in High school, she has always felt like an outsider.  Now, she’s still an outsider, but with some kick ass style. Her style isn’t wearable at all, but its respectable. I don’t really see it, but ask any fashionista, and they’ll tell you.  So there you have it.

People love her for several reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the huge contrast. It’s something I’ve always noticed, but last Monday, it hit me more, and more.  It’s the shock aspect versus the pop aspect. Apparently, use those things apart from each other, and they wouldn’t work. Put them together and you get huge fascination and fame.

Take the VMA awards last year, for example. While singing a popish song “Paparazzi” she starts bleeding, fake blood of course.  There you go, again.

Every once and a while she does something really crazy. One time she’s bleeding on stage, the other time she’s doing an interview with a Kermit costume, another time she’s driving a pussy wagon next to Beyoncé.

But on another point of view, you’ve got the most catchy songs ever written.Almost every single song she’s ever recorded, has turned into a number one hit, somewhere in the world.  It all started with “Pokerface”, and it hasn’t stopped since then. Right now, expectations are high for her next single “Alejandro”.

Her songs are so simple, and repetitive. It’s a recipe. But a damn good one.  Ever heard the song “So Happy I Could Die”? The song has more than a minute of words like “eh, eh, yeeha, yeeha, eh, eh, ah ah, ah ah”.  But it works, because it’s still in my head after a day. And that song isn’t an exception.

To prove my point more; go look at some footage of the Pokerface performance on the Monster Ball. That part just blew me away. The intro has gas masks in it, the performance itself includes glitter suits. Moa-moa-moar.

Fame has two sides though: The fans, and the haters. But who really gives a damn about the haters? In the world of the Gaga fans, life is pink, and even though they’re struggling with a few things in life, Gaga makes and keeps on making music, and that, my friends, will probably go on for a while. Unless her leather pants and high heels will eventually start getting boring. But I’m sure she’ll re-invent herself again, like a real pro pop star.




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