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Pink – Funhouse

It’s quite an old album, already but still a very respectable one. That’s why, I’m reviewing it.

FunhousePink, or Alicia Moore, has established herself as singer, songwriter and kick ass performer by now, and she has done well. “Fun house” is her fifth studio album, after more than 10 successful years. We all remember her first big hits such as “Most Girls” or “There You Go”, when her hair was still as pink as her name.

Soon after that, her real personality started to show when she released her follow-up “Missundaztood”, and had huge hits like “Just Like A Pill”, “Get The Party Started” and “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, after that the ball started rolling and people started singing along with “Trouble”, “Stupid Girls”, “Who Knew” and “U + Ur Hand”.  And I could go on and on with the list of hits.

In 2008, she came back with the album “Fun house”, and it’s as good as the others.

P!nk is known for her writing skills, and her revealing writing style. She usually doesn’t give a lot away in interviews, but when it comes down to giving it away in songs: she’s a pro.  The first single, and track “So What” is the perfect proof of it: Pink got divorced of her hubby Carey Hart, and she wrote all her loss and pain into the song. Into the whole album, actually.

Even though the couple is together again, the song still remains catchy and fun. It seems like Pink always has a single schedule. And the first single is usually a fun, nonchalant track. For this album we had “So What” and the funny video, for “I’m Not Dead” there was “Stupid Girls”, and so on.

But not everything with Pink is laughable, the second single “Sober” is pure seriousness. Except for the lesbian make-out scene with herself in the video, every guy will admit it: that was kinda hot.  The track was co-produced by Nate “Danja” Hills, who’s more known for his hip-hop beats. So, who wouldn’t known.

“I don’t Believe You” is also a single, and a quite sad one. They say denial is one of the worst parts of grieve, and it seems like she was in it, at the time. Or not? They’re together again, so whas it really denial or was it the truth? The funny thing is that she’s one of those artists that you can discuss all those things, because you just know. She’s everywhere.  And they, the tabloids, make it believe you don’t have to feel guilty to talk freely about her.

The song itself, is very simple. Sad and simple. It’s one of the ways Pink sales.

“One Foot Wrong” is dark. It starts with a very dark guitar, and has a certain slow motion to it. But it’s not going there where you’d fall asleep, it’s actually done well. At one point you hear some trumpets, and it reminds me of older songs like ” Gone To California”.  It’s a song full of Jazz and drama, if you will.

“Please Don’t Leave Me” brings out the funny Pink again. It’s humor out of desperation though. The melody is the laughter, the lyrics are the sad part. The video is another thing: She’s a nut case, really. Hurting her husband in such a way he ends up in a wheelchair with more broken bones, you can imagine.

“Bad Influence” is the first real up-tempo song of the album. The first time I heard it, it was on a car commercial.  She sings “I’m the instigator of underwear”  and the song reminds me so much of  a I’m Not Dead song, “Cuz I Can” for its joyous vibe.

Next up, “Funhouse”, and goes in the same line as “Bad Influence”, but except this was an official single. In the video a special guest appears: Tony Kanal of No Doubt.  It’s a good song, and very typical Pink.

“Crystal Ball” is also a typical pink track. An acoustic track, that is. She’s done it before, think about songs such as “Dear Mr President”, and I would’ve figured she would do it again.  Quite clean, if you ask me.

“Mean”, produced by Butch Walker, has a  Rock N Roll feeling, all though it’s a low tempo song. Pink questions “how did we get so mean?”, probably referring to her broken marriage, again.

“It’s All Your Fault” has actually become one of my favorites. I don’t know why but I used to skip the song on my iPod, until I realized I have never really listened to it. And so one day I did, and it blew me away.  I always tell people Max Martin is one of the best pop writers and producers out there, and with this song he’s done  it again (That’s an insider for people who get it). She sings “It’s all you’re fault, you called me beautiful”.  She’s right.  “It’s All Your Fault” is a mix of the easy pop/rock and electro pop, near the end.

“Ave Mary A”  sounds kind of the the same  as “It’s All Your Fault”, all though it’s a lot tighter and darker.  With heavier instrumentals, and a slight rapping vocal, it’s trying to represent itself as dramatic and raw. Scream your lungs out, on this one.

“Glitter In The Air” is the last track, and probably seen as a really favorite of the fans. Therefore she also preformed the song on several occasions, including the last VMA awards. The song is a success formula,  as many ballad’s Pink has done.  The lyrics make you think, the melody makes you peacefully fall asleep. Close your eyes and listen.

Basically, the album is just a continuation of a style Pink has had since her second album. It’s a mix of pop/rock songs with mind speaking lyrics and some fun, more pop based songs. I don’t think it’s better or worse than her previous albums, specially because there are a lot of songs that remind me of other songs. Not that they sound alike, but theres a certain atmosphere on the tracks, a certain atmosphere Pink will probably never lose.  And why does she have to, anyway?



3 thoughts on “Pink – Funhouse

  1. Pink no doubt will create loyal fans with music like this. Great review, i second

    Posted by Further Room | September 7, 2010, 7:44 pm


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