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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera – Bionic

Christina Aguilera: how can you not know her? The thirty year old singer has been around in the industry more than half her age, and brought out her debut album in 1999. It was a huge hit, and people seemed to love the pure pop sound for songs such as “Genie In A Bottle”, “What A Girl Wants” and many more. We all remember them. After that she quickly made a Christmas album and a Spanish version of her debut. But the real material came in 2002 with her “Stripped” album. People couldn’t recognize her anymore. Is that Christina, sweet and innocent, Aguilera?

She blew the world. “Dirrty” was a good competition of Britney’s Slave 4 U, – both got compared in the time, all the time – and from that moment she released monster hits such as “Can’t Hold Us Down”, “Fighter” and the ballad “Beautiful”. She colored outside the lines with dreadlocks, a nose piercing and with hardly any clothes.

After that success she took a long break, but came back in 2006 with “Back To Basics”, the album wasn’t that successful but it was clear: Christina Aguilera (or ‘Xtina’) is here to transform. From schoolgirl to playboy model to fifties housewife to, in this era, futuristic babe.

Just a few weeks ago we got to see a first glimpse of the album, and how: “Not Myself Tonight” is the leading single of the album “Bionic”, her fourth (if you don’t count other albums in ) studio album.  The video, that stirred things up. Lets see if the whole album does the same.

If we didn’t know what the album was gonna be about already, which is very electronic and futuristic, we’d know by the first track, “Bionic”.  It’s hard on the ear, but a good start.  It’s robotic, but I like it.

The next song, is the single “Not Myself Tonight”.  To me, it’s a typical, “I’m wild, I wanna get drunk and have sex with just about everyone” song. Hot beats and a whole lot of moaning. Different for anything she’s ever done, because it’s a lot more electronic but the usual sex bomb elements are there too. And her high, shriek vocals of course.  The video is nothing more than blue screens, lingerie (or S&M material, if I may) and half naked men. Werther it’s over the top, or copying anyone, I’m gonna leave that to the true fans or haters, but she’s a dare-devil, you gotta give that to her.

What I dislike about the song is that it seems like it stops right at the highlight. Or maybe it’s just me.

“Woohoo” is thé example of a predictable single.  You just know it’s gonna be a single. Not only because of the collaboration with the upcoming female rapper Nicki Minaj  but it’s without a doubt  a good song.  The song reminds me of  “Erotica” by Madonna. Not because of the melody but because of the dirtty talk in disguise.  While Madonna says “aah” when she should say the f-word, Christina uses “Woohoo”.  “Kiss my…, all over my …”.

after the woohoo stuff, a heavy beat approaches. And I love it. “Elastic Love” is not what you expect at all from Christina, but it’s a sure thing that it fits in the album.  No beautiful typical Christina vocals here, though.

If you were wondering what “Desnudate” means, which is the next song, it means: Get naked. And that’s what she’s singing about. Hard core electronic beats, with spicy Spanish lyrics, whistles and moaning. Thank god this isn’t a video blog.

“Glam” is a continuation of all the previous songs. Pure futuristic electro pop. Only this time, it’s a little more relaxing. She still orders you to snap, and real fans will. But the beat and the feeling is a little less up-tempo. And a little less auto tuned as well.

“Prima Donna” starts with an auto tuned trumpet. I know it’s not, but listen. You’ll hear.  You hear a lot more old Christina elements of her older albums. But in my opinion, it’s nothing more than a filler.  If I hear it correctly, though, I hear a rapper in the background. I should know his name.

The next track sounded promising because of the title: “Sex For Breakfast”. And it does please me, all though I did not want know about her morning sex with husband Jordan.  On the other hand though, it sounds like “Lovin’ Me 4 Me” of “Stripped”, and if you ask me, she’s telling us  the sequel.  It’s a little more explicit this time around.

“Lift Me Up” is a song produced and written by Linda Perry.  Who is she? First of all, she was the singer of “4 Non Blondes”, for those who still know that band. But for the Christina fans, she’s also the producer for “Beautiful”, and has written songs for her  three latest albums.  “Lift Me Up” is the first real ballad of the album. It’s pure, and it’s kind of what the album needs. In between the electro violence, people need some real vocals and some real piano based tracks.

I usually don’t do intro’s but “My Heart”, the intro for “All I Need” is just heartwarming. It’s a voice recording of her husband hand her child, Max. It’s so cute.

“All I Need” on the other hand is a ballad as well, but it’s not full of drama. It’s more of ballad that just makes you wanna say, “she’s doing well”. If you listen closely though, you know she wrote it while being pregnant of her child. That’s just cute.

“I Am” is the next ballad. To my opinion  – yes , I’m being hypocritical here – it’s one too much. Three ballads or more in a row always make me sleepy. Night, night.

Right when I got bored, I get a new up-tempo song. Yea, no. “You Lost Me”, the third ballad produced by Samuel Nixon and forth in a row. Hate it or love it. But it doesn’t bring you more alive.  There’s no negativity towards the song itself though. Christina always does good ballads.

“I Hate Boys” was a necessary. If you ask me, it’s a football station kind of song.  BOYS! is what they’re shouting.

From boys to girls. “My Girls”  is very electro eighties orientated. I like. Let’s put some leather pants on, some blue eye make up and puffed sleeves. We’re going down town, girls!

“Vanity” is the last track. I wished it wasn’t because the long ballad break was just too much.  “Vanity” is basically after the girls went out to party. They’re flashing their… ankles? The song talks about vain, but I don’t really think vanity has a lot to do with the song anymore. It sounds like it’s been recorded in a drunk condition. And that’s okay.  Christina fans all sing; “I’d turn myself on”, and maybe we should leave it with that.

Overall, Christina did a good job on this one. All though I’ll never see any connection with her previous albums, it’s clear that transformations do work for the singer. The question is though, does she really need that much time to make an album? It’s not like she’s doing something new. Christina has always done something you could expect. But, eighteen tracks, I guess that’s okay, right?



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