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D, The Drums

The Drums – Self titled

I’m back with my first review in a couple of weeks! I’m not doing high shots, just yet, no one really knows the band, do you? But you can’t do Christina’s and Rihanna’s everyday. Something inside tells me though, I’ll be doing a review about  these kids within a year  on  an album  that everyone will buy.

The Drums The drums – they barely have a good official website, but they’re from New York (specifically Brooklyn) and they made it there. You know what they say: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. On the tour schedule, you can see they’ve been all over the world, from Tokyo to London. Of course the stage is never that big, but from what I can tell: the crowd, including me, loves “Let’s Go Surfing”, that was released a couple of months ago.

They just released their first album, which is self titled, and their specific Indie style is creeping upon you.

The first track, and I believe, second single, is called “Best Friend”. Jonathan Pierce, the blond vocalist, really can’t sing. And it shows, but what does it matter? It’s indie and we all love it.  I’m guessing the band will be famous for their easy riffs and melodies in a few years. “Best Friend”, is the same thing all over again, but that doesn’t take away that it’s catchy.

The Drums’ music is also quite poetic and emotional. “Me And The Moon”, the second track, proves that. The “I’m missing you” theme played a big factor in the song, followed with a strange guitar solo near the end to complete the aw-factor.

I couldn’t wait to hear “Let’s Go Surfing”, it always cheers up my day. The whistling throughout the whole song combined with “Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning”, makes me just wanna be in bed and actually wake up. Trust me, I’m not a morning person, but if it would be nice weather every day, I’d go surfing with these guys for sure. They’d have to teach me, though.

“Book Of Stories” is in the same line as the first single, “Let’s Go Surfing”. All though it’s a lot sadder. “I thought my life would be getting easier, instead it’s getting harder, without you”, he sings. With the bas as a background.

“Skippin’ Town” starts where the previous song left off; “Wooh, oooh, woohh,” and a whole bunch of those in the intro.  The first thing that came in my mind is: this song sounds exactly like all the others. That’s sad, because it’s not a bad song. They’re just too many of them, already. And this is only track five. I love the little “do, do, do, do, do”, though.

“Forever And Ever Amen” brings the album back to life. All though the style never goes away, but that’s okay. Right? It’s the longest song, with its 4 minutes and a half.

“Down By The Water” is the first slow track, and has a slow base line. It reminds me of The Killers “My List”, all though it’s a lot less dramatic. But they’ve got a full bucket of drama to pour over us, too.

“It Will All End In Tears” starts with some electronic drums, from what I hear. I kind of like it, it’s still quite depressing, considering the lyrics. I mean, isn’t it clear enough by the title? But it has a little more energy and it would even remind me a little of White Lies.

“We Tried” has that simple guitar riff and melody again. It’s still so sad, get happier, please. They’re making me sad, as well.

Et Voila, they got the message.  The next title I see is “I Need Fun In My Life”. Great. The good thing is: the track is actually quite fun. The vocalist tells us a story; “I went to talk a walk yesterday, all over New York City”, and so he goes on, upon till the song just… ends.

“I’ll Never Drop My Sword”  starts nicely with a beautiful acoustic guitar, but it’s not really appealing to me. Probably because I’ve heard too many of those in the last hour.

But “The Future”, the last track, brings a little more variety. In the vocals, anyway. From the high vocals, he goes into some very deep vocals, I couldn’t help to be reminded of Joy Division, until he sings the chorus. It’s a tad different from all the other songs, which makes it a nice last song.

Throughout the whole album, you really get the “Indie” feeling, no wonder Island Records signed them. But they could have done a little more variety of several melodies, because some songs really sound alike,  if you don’t go into it very deeply. But for what it’s worth: they’re trying really hard, and I’m very sure they have an audience, and they don’t want anything different from this baby on their album shelve, or iTunes.  And they’d all go surfing with the guys, like me.



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