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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite

AphroditeKylie Minogue, the beautiful Australian pop star, and slightly a  Goddess, is back with a new album, her eleventh one already. Time really flies. For those who don’t know: Kylie started out, long before I was conceived, as actress in the very popular Australian soap opera “Neighbours”, which is about all the things we do in our lives, but with beautiful people instead.  Except of course, in real life people don’t really come back from the dead.

Either way, Kylie got bored of the acting scene and started singing. And how, her first single “Locomotion” was a big hit. She catches the disease and it’s permanent.  From hit to another one, she sometimes gains sometimes remains a huge fan base. But you can’t deny that she has definitely gained a certain fan base, and that is the gay one. With all the glitter and glamour and so much songs about love, how could she not? And she’s about to prove it again; she’s very gay worthy.

Let’s start with her first single, “All The Lovers”. It’s typical Kylie, and I like that. The video as well; people strip down to their underwear and start a giant pile of half-naked people, touching, rubbing and kissing each other. Kylie’s on top of course, like the real Goddess of love would be. No STD’s in her world. It’s a world of love.

But love doesn’t go away.  Even though we have to “Get Outta My Way”. The title might seem angry, but the track is nothing more beautiful Kylie electro pop.   Actually, judging from this song, I’d say not a lot of style change has happened since  “X”, and that’s exactly how I like it, since I was over the moon with “X”, her previous album.

“Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)” starts with a simple beat and Kylie vocals. But soon enough it goes total disco. Nothing more or less, actually. Let’s dance.  The good thing with Kylie is, that she’s not even a guilty pleasure. Everyone who loves Kylie is either gay and proud or just really happy. And if you’re a straight guy singing her songs, you’re just really drunk. In all cases; don’t hide what you feel. And dance, because it’s Kylie and she tells you to put your hands up, damn it.

“Closer” is the next one. Robotic with a long electronic intro. But who knew robots could make love?  The first “Carry away” song, if you ask me. But it never reaches a high light.

“Everything Is Beautiful” is the only ballad. But who said ballads are sad? I lied, it’s not really a ballad but a trash magazine I was just reading just called it that way. Shame on me. Still, it’s slower than most songs. So maybe I should call  it a ballad. Ah, aren’t I the master at making long unnecessary descriptions.

Cough, anyway, in almost all pop albums, we have a track that is titled like the album. In this case it’s track six, “Aphrodite”. Usually, the artists come with the excuse that they wrote the song in the beginning and it was the red line for the album. My call is that they usually can’t find a better name for the album.  But this time; it might actually not be bull.

Track six is a track I’d like to compare to page six: fast, easy and never that intellectual, but secretly loved by just about anyone.

“Illusion” sounds like her first album, just with electronics this time. The electronic piano sounds like a kid’s piano, but don’t be fooled; the song is sexy.  She does sing “I’m surrounded by confusion”, but o well.

“Better Than Today” is as happy as the last song. But it’s got an attitude. I can actually see a don’t-talk-just-walk kind of video for this. Who says it’s gonna be a single, though? I gotta tell you though; it sounds awfully similar. Except for the poppy electronics.

Speaking about electronics, “Too Much” is highly electronic.  And I could even say it’s one of the more alternative songs. If anything Kylie is alternative, but you know what I mean. It has a more of a Kelis feeling, more than all the other songs. It’s a power song.

“Cupid Boy” is approaching us on track nine.  But “carry away” track number two. Must be a fan favorite. Screw your ears – put the earphones on maximum and enjoy the ride. It’s the longest track, and noticeable.

‘Looking For An Angel” starts with a beautiful violin. But then again, it is about angels. Fitting, right? I hate to be bold (okay, no, I actually love it) but it’s not really surprising. I guess she’s trying to go on a “I Believe In You” route, but that route’s blocked, I’m sorry.

Eighties are back! And so is the last song, again. O man, I always hate it when I review the last song. But yes, the Eighties are back with this one. Well that and disco. It brings you to life. And with the typical disco lyrics. You know, the kind that sings about the music that brings lovers together. But it’s fun.

Actually, the album is quite good. But I can’t help to rant; there are quite a lot of the same kind of songs. I don’t expect more, Kylie is the kind of music you don’t expect more of. Not that the quality isn’t good. If you would have to rate every song individually, you’d have give them all at least B’s, but this isn’t school and this isn’t a single review, so what I see is the same songs coming back every time. I do not worry, though. Dance, pop and LOVE is all Kylie wants us to do, so what the heck. Let’s just go with it.




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