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Robyn – Body Talk Part One

Body TalkRobyn, the Swedish singer is back with a double album “Body Talk”. We all still remember her from her hit singles “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What It Takes)” and in 2007 she made her come back with a new album and hit “With Every Heartbeat”.  She changed a lot, but everything changed ever since the Nineties.

The thirty one year old singer brought out her fifth album just about two months ago and we’re ready for her.

The first track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” is hardly to say friendly.  Could you imagine it any different, though? It’s quite electronic, and theres nothing more to it than ranting over music. But it’s a good start.

“Fembots” has a little more swing to it, but the beginning is a bit awkward. “I’ve got – news for you.  Fembots – have feelings too.” is the tag line for the song, and for some reason it reminds me of that cartoon, “Teenage Robot”. Yea, yea, I got too much time on my hands. The song is over before I know it.

“Dancing On My Own” is her first single of the album, and it’s a little more Robyn like. At least, Robyn in the twenty first century. It’s a nice song, but she’s done this before. Jealousy from a long distance. But her suits her, I guess. She has this voice that suits emotional electronic music. So I guess she’ll be singing “Dancing On My Own” for a long time.

Thank god it’s not only sad “missing you” songs, “Cry When You Get Older” is a happy song. Just a happy song, I guess. She tries hard to inspire people, and it might work for a while, certainly near the end, but I’d advice you just to enjoy it without a lot of other feelings.

“Dance Hall Queen” can’t help but remind me of some good old Reggae. Is that wrong? Ha. It’s like a female electro version of a reggae song. That does not make any sense at all. But wait ’till you hear it.

“Non Of Dem” is a lot more darker, if you ask me.  It’s different and it surprises me. I’ve never seen Robyn as one of the sexy singers, but in this song she really is. But no sex is really going on in the song, she’s not impressed in the situation she’s in.  The song ends with a long instrumental part. I like it.

“Hang With Me” is an acoustic version of the song. I’ve heard both versions, and I love them both. It’s the “Be Mine” of the album, if you ask me.

“Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa” is a Swedish ballad, almost a lullaby. Actually, It probably is a lullaby. Spare me the whole lyrics, please but the title means “I know a lovely rose.”  Cute.

“The Girl With The Robot” is a bonus, but what kind of bonus. Electro with opera as an intro. If you ask me – It’s the most up tempo track of the album. The album, part one that is. Who knows what part two is about.  Still reminds me of that cartoon, though. I’m sorry. Not that it’s Robyn’s fault, I’m just a nerd.

Overall, the album is a tad more electronic than her last. But nine tracks of part one don’t say much. I’m curious about the second part, and obviously, you’ll hear about that one too, on here.  I can tell you – she did do a damn good job; all songs are quite likable. But she’ll always have that thing where how electronic and alternative and mad she’ll get, she’ll always be the sweet blond, Swedish girl.




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