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Eminem – Recovery

RecoveryMarshall Mathers, or Eminem is recovered and we all need to know it, apparently.  He’s almost forty, but proved he’s still on top, and he can still do it. Not that anyone doubted that.

The famous rapper started out almost eighteen years ago with his first album “Infinite“.  The album wasn’t a big hit, but he did gain respect from the insiders of the Hip-Hop and rap world.  But we all know the beginning of his career, since we all saw his movie “8 Mile”.  Why bother summarizing it, really? But let’s name some big hits of him anyway. We’re talking about “The Real Slim Shady”, “Stan”, “My Band”, “Without Me”, etc…

After many singles and albums, almost all of them big hits, he’s been away for a while. Mostly because of  personal problems turning into more personal and drug problems. But after  his “Relapse” he decided to recover and make an album about it. Okay, it didn’t exactly go that way. But you get the point.

“Cold Wind Blows” is the first song off the album and justifies what the album stands for. Most first tracks to that to an album, but after listening to this, I’m pretty convinced. Eminem is back.

“Talking To Myself” features Kobe, singing the chorus. I guess it’s a thing they’ve always done, the rappers to make it a little more commercial. I’m not sure it’s working. To me it isn’t. It’s more of an elegy. But maybe that makes us all respect Eminem more. He likes to complain. He complains about his mother, his wife (or ex-wife?), his fame, his drugs,… And he barely raps about cars and boobs. But if he does, he’s complaining about it. I guess it’s a total other style.

“On Fire” is more of a gospel rap. At least I think it is – whenever I’m talking about Hip-Hop, I have no clue. But I’m here now, aren’t I? Anyway, I actually like this one. I picture myself sitting in a studio listening to this song, next to some real bad ass fat and black rappers. I’m not hating here – I actually like that feeling.

On the next track, “Won’t Back Down”, I hear a familiar voice. I hear Pink. And familiar voices are things I like. It makes me feel safer in the whole new music experience. And I have to say, the song itself sounds more like a pop/rock song gone bad than a rap song. With some very raw guitars and a drum set, it’s different.

“W.T.P” goes back to the rap roots. Bang your heads and let’s get high. Wait, not before I figure out what the abbreviation means. And drums please, it means “White Trash Party”. Can’t believe I actually thought it meant “What The …” The P I still had to figure out.

Looks like Eminem has put some good variation on the album. I talked about his typical complaining style earlier, but it’s not all about that, as you can see in the previous track. But we’re back at it in “Going Through Changes”. It’s actually kind of ballad.

“Not Afraid” is song we’re all familiar with, it debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and everyone seems to love it. No doubt, I do too.  The video is directed by Rich Lee, whom is known for his special effects. Which explains his odd leap in the video.

Enough about “Not Afraid”, let’s get to “Seduction”.  Actually, I thought this would be another pimping’ song, but hey, apparently it’s “Not Afraid Pt 2”.

“No Love” features Lil Wayne and it also features a Hathaway’s most famous song “What Is Love”.  Single number three. Let’s bet on it. Okay, maybe not. But Lil Wayne is a money-maker. All though it just sounds like some sort of long intro of another song.

The next track, “Space Bound”,  starts with just vocals only. Eminem always does these raps where it feels like he’s writing to someone. In this case, I think it’s his (ex-)wife.  It’s okay, you’ll get her back. See, I’m writing to him now too.

Wait up, the army is coming, and it’s called “Cinderella Man”. I got bored.

“25 To Life” is another ballad, from what I hear. With a very feminine voice singing the chorus, only I have no clue on who it is.  I have to tell you, that guy, he’s one angry man. He should get his woman back.

“So Bad” is the head banging song again, with a bad trumpet beat.  In my wildest imagination, I see this being a musical song. 8 Mile in musical form?

“Almost Famous” is the fourteenth song off the album and it’s nice but I’ m not used to long albums like that. This is taking too long, i’m inpatient. Or maybe I’m just bored.

“Love The Way You Lie” is the second single, featuring Rihanna. The video just got released, and I must say, its pretty damn good. The song is probably the most commercial and catchy of the album, and it’s pretty clear it’s doing it’s job. Like the first single, everyone seems to love it. If you ask me, it’s Stan 2.

“You’re Never Over” is the next one after the Rihanna song. In this one he actually tries to sing.

The last song is called… “Untitled”. Cool. I hear circus. I have no idea why but hey, maybe I’m right.  We’ll never know.

So the last song has been listened to, and I have to admit and a newbie at the rap stuff, even if I’ve heard all of the Eminem singles all over and over, and my brother used to play The Eminem Show back in the days. Oh, that was terrible as a boys band loving kid.  But back to business, Recovery has some pretty good songs. But if you’re not a fan, or a rap lover, you might as well download, I mean buy, the tracks that you’ve heard on the radio and move on. Theres a lot of anger and hate in his voice, and even though I said I liked that complaining style of his, I can’t deny I’m still that happy girl who likes rainbows and smiles.  But, gotta admit: props for still doing it.



One thought on “Eminem – Recovery

  1. 25 to life is actually about Eminem’s relationship to hiphop and how it has influenced his life, not a woman at all 🙂

    Also there has been conversation about Space bound being about his addiction, since he has been sober the amount of time sang in the song.

    His songs have a lot of references and hidden meanings, so it’s not as easy to understand as you could think. I mean yes, there is a lot of hate and complaining etc. 😉 but usually it’s not all about women and fame.

    Posted by Elina | November 15, 2010, 3:10 am

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