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Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment


Ah, look who we have here. It’s Adam Lambert.  Adam (28) doesn’t have much history yet, since this is his debut album, but he does have something coming for him. He came second place in American Idol in 2009, and ever since you can’t get him off the charts. In the US charts that is. In most of the European countries, they had no clue who he was until his third single, “Whataya Want From Me”. Those European people, it also includes me. So let’s find out more about Adam himself. Well, the album anyway. Fourteen tracks of Adam “The Male Gaga” Lambert.

The first one, “Music Again” starts alive and kicking. I had never watched American Idol, since I’m not American and I don’t like you tube quality that much, so I had no idea he had a little Mika versus Queen in him, but it suits him well. Besides, most of his fans probably love it.  It’s Rock N Roll with a gay flavor. Yep, I can tell after 60 seconds.

The first single kicks in right after, “For Your Entertainment” is an up-beat song that is quite electronic sounding.  And the video, well, it’s different but what do I care.  Don’t lie, you know you love it too.

The next song, and third single, “Whataya Want From Me”, I gotta say, it bores me so much. But it’s purely because of the fact that the airplay for this song was just crazy. Everywhere I turned, there was this  screaming guy with smokey eyes in my living room. But it’s a good song. So, don’t blame the radios. Or the people who paid the radios.

Confession time. 1.  I never really listened to the lyrics, by the way. I always thought he was dumping a guy or chasing out some stalker, but really, he was begging his boyfriend to stay with him.

2. I had no idea P!nk co-wrote the song.

Anyway, I’ll wipe off the embarrassment;

“Strut” is one tight song. And I have to say, you can see him strutting. Come on, do it yourself to the intro. With the hands on the hips, do it.  I gotta tell you, I can always tell when something is produced by Max Martin, and this is. I hate to brag, though.

From Strut to “Soaked”, that is a lot more dramatic. I’m hearing Opera mixed with bad horror music. That is for the intro, then that drama stops and another one starts with a piano and a song form called “Ballad”.  Gotta tell you – it definitely shows off his vocal abilities. It’s the kind of song Muse would love to do, only it would be too gay for them. Really.

“Sure Fire Winners” is more electronic again, but with some rock influences. I guess I could say that’s about his style. How else could it be? Adam doesn’t have a normal pop voice, but he’s too… everything to start a rock band.  I have no clue what the title means, I’m sure someone will tell me someday.

Over to “A Loaded Smile”. This one is quite different from the style I just described. Fist of all, it sounds like a hallucination. I have yet to find out what that means, but in my imagination a hallucination sounds like this. But guess what? It’s just a ballad. Other than the super crazy one I’ve just heard, of course. But with Adam Lambert, it’s never really normal.  All though – I really don’t mind.  And, it’s written and produced by Linda Perry. Great choice of producers, so far. I must admit. Everything a pop record needs. Not really, but those names make things sale.

My favorite song “If I Had You” comes right after “A Loaded Smile”.  But, I have always thought that the song has a sample of  Steam’s song “Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)”.  I’m probably wrong, but just thought I’d tell you.  But let’s face it, it’s really catchy. But I gotta admit, in the video, he’s starting to look more and more like that kid from Tokio Hotel. That’s not a good thing.  I got a broad music taste, but I have my boundaries, sorry Tokio Hotel.

“Pick U Up” is next one in line, and it’s a little more summery. The fell-in-love song, that brings joy to life. Actually, the background beat reminds me of the new Kylie song, “All The Lovers”. Listen Closely, maybe you’ll hear it too. By the way, the laugh at the end, it’s cute.

“Fever” is one I have been dying to hear, since it’s co-written by Lady Gaga. O right, I already made the “good people he’s working with” comment. But hey, he really is! O yea, it’s a real gaga song. Can’t say I don’t like it.

“Sleepwalker” is the tenth song, and it’s another ballad, and quite R n B  sounding. It’s a good song, actually.

“Aftermath” turns out to be another ballad like song, can’t deny it, it’s a quite cool song but everyone knows by now that I hate ballads at the end of an album, and something tells me that this isn’t gonna be different. But I have to take my words back, for now, because “Broken Open” is actually a quite cool ballad. It’s so much different from all the other ballads, upon till now. With this one, you know something is gonna happen.

We’re wrong, nothing really happens, doesn’t it? But everything that supposed to happen to the previous song, happened in the last song, and second single “Time For Miracles”.  At least, in the video anyway. The song, it’s just another “hey, I was in American Idol” ballad but with some Adam drama style added near the end. Then again, the video has some footage of the “2012” movie, so yeah.
The whole album is like mentioned, quite dramatic, but it’s not really bothering since we all knew it would be.  But I can’t help to mention the annoying part; YES the ballads at the end of the album. Why do artists keep on doing that? It scares the f—k out of me. Pardon my language. It’s a personal choice to dislike those kind of things. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, I’m not gonna get angry here, because the good thing is that the album has a lot of benefits. The good production, and not only because of the big names, but because it’s well done. And of course, Adam’s vocals. Who won American Idol? I certainly haven’t heard of him yet.



One thought on “Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

  1. The Adam Lambert album is quite good. It’s not an amazing album but it’s decent for an American idol singer. I love your review and commentary of it
    I’ve tried the new Tokio Hotel album, it isn’t bad at all. Good blend of electro/pop/rock. They definately matured musically. I don’t really care how a musician looks like, it’s just a matter of personal style and individual expression. Music matters more for me.
    I must say, current artists like Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Tokio Hotel and Adam Lambert have a certain flare to them that make them interesting.

    Overall, great review!

    Posted by Hecks | August 16, 2010, 6:42 pm

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