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Cheryl Cole – 3 Words

3 Words cover

All though, she doesn’t need much introduction anymore in the UK, outside the United Kingdom, it gets tougher for the twenty-seven year old. But theres appreciation and I do, too. She used to introduce herself by the name Cheryl Tweedy, and tell everyone she was one of the singers of the popular girl group, Girls Aloud. But in 2009 the group called a long hiatus. And Cheryl wanted to do something on her own, in the mean time.

her solo debut came out in late October, 2009 and has been going good so far.

Part of her success was because of Will.I.am of the Black Eyed Peas. The two met at the BEP tour, she was opening for the group.  Since then Will.i.am had nothing but good things to tell about her, so they recorded the album together. One of the songs and second single is called “3 Words”. The song is slightly alternative, and the video isn’t a regular pop video either.  But who said anything about it being bad? It’s catchy, in a weird way.

We all know Cheryl has some emotional baggage. We’ve, actually, seen it all in the tabloids.  So what’s the point of bringing it up here? Well, she does sing about her past relationship in half of her album.  “Parachute” may not be written by her, it’s emotionally sung.  Parachute is the third single of the album, and it’s a lot more poppy than 3 Words. Simple words, simple melody. However, the song received very good criticism. I agree.

“Heaven”, again featuring Will.i.am, who’s on half the album, is a very light song.  It’s supposed to make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. You know, in heaven. If you can’t do that, then just take a ride in your car and think about all the good things happening in your life. Nevermind, the song makes you do already.

the first single, “Fight For This Love” , is simple pop but it peaked at #1 in the UK and in other countries. The single was released whilst Cole’s marriage was breaking down, so you get the big interest and reception of the song.  I gotta say, I saw a Facebook page one time, and it said “We gotta file, file, file for divorce”, I giggled a little. But it’s a nice song.

“Rain On Me” is the first ballad of the album, though has a bit of a RnB twist to it.  And besides the lyrics, it’s not even that sad, with some trumpets (or electronic noises sounding like it) on the background.

Sounds like she’s going a little more electronic with “Make Me Cry”, which is also produced by – I don’t want to say his name with dots in between again -, Will.i.am.  It’s quite funky, but the lines are so sad. “Are you trying to make me cry? Stop trying, cause I’m dying” she sings in the chorus.

The sad has passed, time for some “Happy Hour” time. In the song, she compares her boyfriend to an alcoholic drink. A drink she can’t or doesn’t want to live without. The track is more RnB influenced with most likely a sample in the background. Haven’t looked that up. It’s an ear worm.

After the happy hour, we’re actually getting to dance. Not kidding, so far it’s been okay but it’s never been club material. This song, “Stand Up” literally is, since she’s singing about being in one. Still, it would be hotter in clubs if they’d remix it a little. Throw a big beat in there. That would be better, really.

First we gotta fight for this love, now we “Don’t Talk About This Love”. It’s ballad number two, and it’s so fragile and soft. She sings, “The less they know, the less they judge”.  How sad is that? I gotta tell you, though — the music, it’s great. It always winds me up when songs are produced without any electronic sounds. I’m old school.

“Boy Like You”,  catches my ears from the beginning, the weird sample or whatever it is, in the intro is catchy. It does get a little annoying after a while, but that’s probably personal taste.

The last track, “Heartbreaker”, is mainly Will.i.am in the first part of the song. And Cheryl only plays a complementary part in the song. Some people may love it, it’s just okay to me.

I have to say, for her first solo album, it’s quite good. Most songs are simple, and not over done. It’s typical pop but it does have a few RnB edges and even a little electro. But pure pop suits Cheryl better. The lyrics make it more than average. With most songs, anyway. But I just don’t like the way Cheryl and Will.i.am collaborate. Don’t get me wrong, their songs are probably the best off the album. But it feels like she just can’t do it on her own. Nothing is less true, I must believe. She can do it on her own, without the other girls and outside the UK.




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