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I’m saying this again :)


So I’m trying to put the emphasis on the fact that, if you want to follow me, and the things I’m doing, you should keep up with Twitter. I try to post things, daily, and to me – it’s so much easier than having to post little messages here.

Not only do you know when a new review is coming up (by the way, there is one now!) but you also get to know the person behind this all, (aka me). No I’m not talking about my cereals in the morning. Unless they crushed my teeth and it made me rush to the hospital.

Either way, if you want to follow me on twitter, just click o the beautiful button on the right. Or go to twitter.com/Musictastic

If you’re not that into twitter, or you don’t have one, my updates are here as well. They’re on the right too.


PS: The recent attention this blog has gotten me has made me smile, I can’t wait for the future!



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