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Maroon 5 – Hands All Over


We all remember them from the monster hit “She Will Be Loved“, come on don’t deny it, if you are a girl and you listened to any kind of music, on any kind of radio, you must have known and loved that song. I felt attached, yes it’s true. But before (with the debut single “Harder To Breathe” and “This Love“) and after they left broken-hearted girls a consolation prize. Their debut album Songs About Jane was a big deal back in 2002. Their second album “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” wasn’t that big,but that was quite predictable since they released it five years after the first one. For anyone who can’t count, that was in 2007. Fortunately, it only took them three years now and  they’ve just released their third album “Hands All Over“. I took a listen.

First things first, and take that literally because the album starts with the first single, “Misery“. I saw the video first, and I liked it. But the song is catchy too. This may not be so scientific, but whenever I’m in the train in the morning and I’m singing a song (in my head of course, I’m not stupid, I know what I can and can’t), a song I had heard the other night, usually you can say; ching ching. Catchy. I think it’s in the “you really got me bad, girl, you really got me ba-a-ad”.

the funk hits in with “Give A Little More“. I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed at first, but once it’s started, it’s hard to stop. Only, it is exactly three minutes, so it’s quite short. But hey, it would’ve been too repetitive if it were longer. But hey, guess what? second track, second single.

the next track, “Stutter” is an upbeat love song about something we all know, and hate about new love. Probably the only thing we hate about love: being nervous. Some people sweat, some people turn speechless, but what’s worse? Stuttering. Adam describes it as the best. “s-s-s-s-stu-u-uter”. Cute.

Okay, so the next song reminds me so much of Phil Collins. Actually, their music and Adam Levine’s voice has always kind of, but this song is so… swingy. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but “Don’t Know Nothing” such a ladies man kinda song. Any man would sweep me off my feet with that song.

From swingy, it’s time to get personal with “Never Gonna Leave This Bed“. I could say it’s their first ballad, at least from this album. Honestly? It starts and ends just as their mega hit, “She Will Be Loved” did. Is that musically genius to make another song like that? I say not, but bring it out as a single and they’ll have women hanging on their front doors. Or their big gates by now.

Speaking of songs sounding the same, “I Can’t Lie” is probably the “Sunday Morning” of the album. It’s funky and perfect for a sunday morning, or afternoon, just the way you like it.

Hands All Over” is a lot more rough and rocky. But it’s also a lot more sexy. He sings; “Put your hands all me.” Either if it’s a command or an offer, does it really matter? Even the little Micheal Jackson “Oh!”‘ is kinda sexy. But can I add that I would’ve liked it to be a little more edgy? It’s not pushing a button.

How” is a beautiful ballad starting with a drum/piano into. Honestly, if this doesn’t prove that these guys are emotional writers, and I don’t know what will ever do the trick. It’s so romantic, I can can see this song in these drama series where either a couple is about to have hot and steamy sex, pardon my language. Or someone just got dumped and is crying by the egde of a lake somewhere. Yea, I got imagination.

Get Back In My Life” isn’t leaving you for your imagination, that is clear. The message, that is. But it’s not really impressive. It’s been done so many times before. All though I like the drama with the piano.

Another ballad is “Just A Feeling“, and it’s another song I imagine being in a movie scene, but a romantic scene this time where a couple just made up with each other and are hugging each other. All though the song isn’t about that at all. I don’t know where I keep getting those images.  Actually, it’s the most sad song ever. When Stutter was about the feeling of being nervous in new love, Adam now sings “Just a feeling that it’s over.” Aw.

From one sad song to another, “Runaway” is like boring. I’m sorry, it is.

The last track, “Out Of Goodbyes” is one with Lady Antebellum. Personally,  I had never heard of her, but apparently, she’s big in the US. So I guess, they’ve done well. Of course, I can’t deny Rihanna’s duet with Maroon 5, “Never See Your Face Again”, was a bit more commercial in Europe. Still, it’s a cute song. And it’s so soft.

Honestly, it’s a quite good album. Won’t lie. But in my opinion, it seems like they either want to go back to their roots or they haven’t grown that much. There are also, few fillers and songs that have been done before. That’s a shame because the band does really have something in them that could make them big, bigger than they are. I say, loose cheesy love songs (for a couple of tracks) and add a few “Hands All Over” kind of tracks. Of course, who am I? They gotta convince crazy young women. And well, Adam and his band have done that a long time ago.



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