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Robyn – Body Talk Pt.2


I’ve been taking way too long to give the second part of her album “Body Talk” a shot. I have, but today I’m gonna do it. Ha. And I actually kind of like it.  I don’t really need to introduce Robyn again, do I? In that case, just read the last review for the first Body Talk

The first song, “In My Eyes” is a very electronic track, and I might even add that’s a very big red line for the album. Or the other seven tracks, just the way you see it. But honestly, it’s not the empty beat kind of album. Well, Robyn never has been. She manages to make electronic emotional. In My Eyes is one of those. And it kind of carries you away.

The second track, however, “Include Me Out“, is kind of odd and less emotional. On the first listen, though. After a while, you might start to get it.  But do not be mistaken, it gets repetitive after a while.

Now, back to the emo electro, yea I just made that up. The first single of this part of the album is called “Hang With Me”, and you know what? I love the song. It’s got a great melody, and it’s typical Robyn.  Simple but strong and honest. I wonder where she gets all those heart breaks from? Gosh.

Speaking of heart breaks, “Love Kills” just says it all, now doesn’t it?  Robyn is now here kind of telling everyone that love is shitty and full of misery. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’d say. But on the song, really: It’s great. Scary since I’m single, but great. But maybe her vocals are a little monotone. And we all now she can sing. Sing, woman.

“We Dance To The Beat”, is awful sounding, if you ask me. But it makes me wonder if there isn’t anything more to it than the song itself. Maybe she’s trying to talk about how robotic people have become. Of course, if it’s not about anything, then basically I should stop thinking, and maybe consider even skipping the song.  I mean, maybe it’s not awful, but maybe it’s a bit too much for me.

But hey, maybe she’s jut experimenting, like in “Criminal Intent“, where it sounds like she’s experimenting with dubstep. And I can’t help to like it, f— me.  Can I just throw something in here, too? I think it sounds like Britney’s Freakshow. Yea. And she threw in dupstep in there too, of course no one noticed. Except me. Okay, so that’s not true. I read it in RS* that she threw in dubstep. But admit it, it’s not something you’d think she or Robyn would do, right? Great song, by the way. But odd for hearing a Robyn song without verses.

But here’s something; Snoop Dogg, yes the real one, is featured on “U Should Know Better”, now that’s just wow. I mean — really.And guess what? It’s an awesome song. Where is my iPod?

“Indestructible” is the last track off the album, and it’s quite different from the whole emo electro. Of course, it is an acoustic song. Finally, some vocals. Thank you very much.

Okay, so let’s be fair. It’s practically the same album, but it’s really not. How could you compare? Really? But, it’s Robyn and I’m not sure if she’ll ever change. If you compare  “Hang With Me” and “Dancing On My Own” for example, they sound the same, right? But Snoop and dupstep? She wouldn’t have ever pulled that out of her closet on Body Talk 1.  But hey, it’s kind of a good album. Both albums.

*Rolling Stone



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