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Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Kings Of Leon, the band from Nashville that contains only family members (three brothers and their cousin) is back with their fifth studio album.  The four guys formed  band ever since the new millennium but have only been worldwide known ever since they released their leading single “Sex On Fire ” for their previous album “Only By The Night“. Of course, real fans will tell us that “On Call” (on “Because Of The Times“) was a big thing as well. But we can’t deny that KOL we all fell in love after the sex song, and of course – “Use Somebody”. I for one, fell in love after seeing them live. But then I saw the competition I had, wow.

Either way, their new album has just arrived and here we all are, waiting for the next incredible chart leading song.

The end” is irronically enough the first track off the album, and here we go again: strong bass guitar, Caleb Followill’s voice and sweeping lyrics. I could say that they haven’t changed that much, but it’s only song one, let’s not jump into conclusions here. But it’s a quite sad one, I can tell you that.  

But “Radioactive”, leading single and second track is quite the opposite. It’s energenic and simply a lot of fun. The video tells exactly what you think of when you listen to the song. Admit it, it’s got something African, right? Okay, so not really in the music itself but it’s got a swing. I have to tell you, the release of this song came as such a surprise for me. So when I listened to it for the first time, it was pretty damn cool. I thought, welcome back guys. You did a good job.

While I was googling the meaning of the next title, “Pyro“, I was listening. Don’t judge, not everyone knows the dictionairy by heart. Even the people who own a popular music reviewing blog. Either way – the song, I could say is catchy and typical Kings Of Leon. And frankly, no one else could sing it better. Unless you got a nazel voice, because the whole chorus kind of exists of one line (“I-I-I-I-I don’t wanna be a corner stone”) sung in a very particular way.

Next, is a song about “Mary“. It’s basically a free invitation to whoever has that name to join the group for a date. Go ahead, Mary! Okay, so the song sounds like a real Rock N Roll treasure with a solo in the middle.  I wish I was a Mary. Unless I’m not Christian enough and they’re actually talking about the real Mary. Then, shame on me.

The Face” is kind of the first ballad of the album, I guess. What I see is that, there just isn’t a lot of change in the previous ballads from previous albums. They’re all just really, really sad.

The Immortals” is the next one in line, and I could say it’s pretty good. It has a slow build up, but then it explodes near the end. The instrumentals are great.

 Most instumentals of the band are great, just like for “Back Down South” , that has a more of a country feeling. Witch is a natural thing to do concidering the brothers their roots.  I’m  imaginating a summer camp fire with beer and marshmellows, with a view just like the album cover. 

Speaking of the beach, “Beach Side” is defined by the cute guitar melody, but also by the sadness in Caleb’s voice. And, by it’s length because it’s shorter than I would like it to be.

if they’re saying they have “No Money“, they’re lying, I mean – they must be loaded by now. But thank God they’re not talking about now, in the track. What I was missing ’till now was a real sexy song like “Crawl”, but the song proved that they’ve still got it.  Hell yea, baby. 

And I guess all good things come in two, I mean, the next track “Pony Up” is as sexy as the previous track.  No further comment (needed).

My Birthday is coming up, yes it’s true, mark your calenders. Either way, this isn’t random or anything, I was listening “Birthay” and it hit me that I have to figure out what the f— I’m gonna do in a few weeks to celebrate mine. But okay, back to the song. I guess it’s one of the calmer songs, no rocking out here, more coming of age and having a nice dinner and a glass of white wine.

After several white wines, theres “Mi Amigo” , thats how i’d describe it really. If you had a date with the love of you life, then after white wine you’re winning the game to this song, if you weren’t you’e puking to this song. Either way, no ones sober here. And that might as well be a good thing.

The last, but of course not least “Pickup Truck” is a typical ballad, just the way we all know it, of KOL I might add. I’m sure there are fans o there that are all for the genre, but I’m gonna pass now.

If you can compare – in this case, I can- to the previous album, I see  that they’ve grown but I’m not sure if they’re gonna get the smashing hits. The album is okay, with a few great songs but it contains a lot less awesome tracks than the last album. For me, that is. I’m assuming it’s personal taste, really. I’m also assuming it’s a bit more alternative than before.  But radioactive will always be one of my favourites, it might even be higher on the list than all other monster hits they’ve got already.



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