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N, N.E.R.D.

N.E.R.D. – Nothing

No-one Ever Really Dies, or as they prefer it, N.E.R.D. is one of the biggest Hiphop/funk bands in the world and have just released their fourth studio album, Nothing. The duo Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo formed a creative mind together with “The Neptunes” and produced several exquisite tracks for several pop and hiphop artists. But in 2001 they wanted to do something different and created N.E.R.D. with friend Shay Haley. Their first album went gold, and people loved their extravagant style with songs like “Lap dance“, “She Wants To Move” and “ Everybody Nose (All The Girls Standin’ In A Line For The Bathroom) “. They are known for their party music, and I’m thinking this album isn’t any different.

The first song is already a collaboration with T.I., an also very infamous rapper. “Party People” is sweeping and funky, just the way I guess they would like to be refered to. Play this in a club and you’ll get your crowd dancing, for sure. Unless you’re in a electro oriented club, then they won’t do a thing, really. Luckely for the band, they might know a few songs since Pharrell has recently collaporated with Swedish House Maffia. I don’t know about you, but I love that song.

 I have to admit that I have no idea what T.I. rapped. The only thing I heard was well.. nevermind really. Stop me from dancing please, it’s saturday night!

The party doesn’t stop, all though it might be on a different level with “Hypnotize U“. It’s sexy time, now. With Pharrell and his high voice in the spotlights. Very Prince-like, actually. But with modern beats, of course. Beats created by, how else, The Neptunes. He describes exactly how the woman in his life should feel, “close your eyes, let me hypnotize U”. There is a very big sexy vibe in the room, and it’s because of this song.

I have got to say, “Help Me” is the oddest track, ever. But because it’s N.E.R.D., it’s easier to accept, really. I’m thinking they were heavily intoxicated during, but it’s one heck of a song. Drums and trumpets. And a guitar line that reminds me of Jimmy Hendrix for some reason. Do not ask me why.

From needing help they go straight to “Victory“.  It’s a dreamy love song, or at least that’s what they want us to think. It’s quite like “Lovebomb“, but a lot happier. But full of drama, of course. “The limit is the sky”, they sing at the end. mk, thanks.

The next track has already struck me with the title, “Perfect Defect“. The song itself, is pure funk. But then on their way, with a rap part in it inviting the pretty girls out there in their bubble bath. But the “wooh, ooh” as background vocals make it all a little better.

I’ve seen The Lights/Inside of Clouds” is a  song about pharrell realizing the girl he’s dating is the one girl he wants to spend his life with. The saxophone is very present in this one. Which I like since it’s an instrument created in my own little country. But it’s only there for about three minutes, after that the second song (you know, the one after the slash) starts.

The way most God influenced songs are, this one is very dramatic and -as  I’ve mentioned  before – sweeping. “God Bless Us All” would make an African-American Church proud. The wouldn’t have to know about the band’s history though, I don’t think they’d appreciate lap dances, etc. But that is totally irrelevant, of course. I cannot help to love the trumpet parts. Let’s swing.

Life As A Fish“.  Wait, what? Being in the atmosphere of God, this song is about The Great Man creating earth, so fishes too. I guess? The song seems like their typical kind of music with an odd twist, if you ask me. No one asks me, though. Either way.

Do I hear African Drums? I think I do on “Nothing On You“. No, this isn’t a rip off from Bruno Mars, this is totally different. It’s the sexy hiphop like N.E.R.D is known for. Drums and a heavy bass line. But I have to admit, not like we’re used to. Could it be a bit sexier?

Usually a lot of artists put their leading single on track one, they do it on track ten. “Hot & Fun” featuring Nelly Furtado; who is releasing Greatest Hits,  is everything the title describes. It’s probably the most commercial song on the album, all though I’d have to say the album is a lot commercial anyway.

What I’ve learned is that, they haven’t changed since “Seeing Sounds“, all though they have become more cheesy. Or that might just be me. No songs like “Spaz” or “Anti Matter” anymore, not even close to that. Werther that’s bad or good, that’s for other people to decide, all though I expected more. But still sweeping, still going strong on that.  Thank God, really.



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