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She’s still on her Last Girl On Earth Tour, a tour promoting her last album Rated R, that just came out about a year ago. But Rihanna already took over the recording studios, dyed her hair red and released a new album.  The 22-year-old Barbadian singer is doing things the fast way, but we’re not stopping her, at all.  Her last album wasn’t much of a party, dealing with domestic violence in her lyrics, but this album is exactly what it is: It’s one big party and everyone’s loving it.

When you think you’ve seen it all in pop music, think again. The first track is called and about S&M. I couldn’t care less about what she sings her songs, but I just can’t seem to help but wondering what some mothers are gonna think of this. Yea, the cover has that sticker on it, though. Americans can be prudes all they want just until the sticker sticks to an album cover.

‘Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it

Either way, it’s a top class party song, and I tend to think, wait I know, it’s the red line for the whole album. Major, but needed, transformation if you ask me.

What’s My Name is track number two and features rapper Drake. This song is a lot more mellow, but not in the lyrics. She’s not looking for true love, let me tell you that. But I can’t help to enjoy it. I think Rihanna brought  her Barbadian roots to recording boot, and it suits her well. Plus, it’s one of those songs that kids will sing in class, “Oh, na na”. If they only realised what they were singing. Okay, I’m not pulling the shame card any longer. I’m not that kind. Let’s party!

So, for a minute there I thought I heard Avril Lavigne. I thought iTunes was on shuffle, even after I pushed that dont-shuffle-anymore button at the bottom. Either way, I did hear Avril Lavigne but on a so other level than I expected. Avril penned Cheers (Drink To That), or at least helped. And she’s also in it for a sample, I believe from her song “I’m With You“, correct me if I’m wrong.

After that weird confrontation of my lack of knowledge on the album, I listened to the track. It’s good, but I just cannot adjust to Avril being all “hey-yeah” in that song. How does that even fit? I do find it funny how she totally mispronounces, on purpose, some of the words. “Down” is “Dawn” for now. It’s cute.

The first ballad, Fading, is cute as well. It’s not that kind of ballad that makes you hysterically cry because you can relate and it’s so bloody dramatic or, when you really hate it, cry for it to end. It’s actually quite light and catchy. Or maybe she’s breaking up with her one night stand, that’s how the break up song feels, really. Still, I’ll probably have it singing in my head.

But let’s not wait for that to happen becuase after listening to Only Girl (In The World), this will be my earwurm for the day. Trust me, i’ve had it before and it’s earwurm for sure. Wait, you guys have all had it, right? I’m sure.  It’s her leading single and is doing very well in the charts, of course. I guess it has this thing where it’s the simplicity of the song that’s what makes it big. I mean, it’s not exactly hard to cover. It’s not brain surgery, but we all love it like it’s going straight to your brain.

The success is probably because of the lyrics anyway. I mean, she expresses what every woman would like to express but is afraid to because she’d feel like a jealous bitch who wants her man all for herself. But also, men love it because they secretly all like their women to take control, at least for some parts of their lives. No, I don’t study pyschology, it’s all me baby.

Enough bragging. Here comes sadness. Another ballad but a lot more of that hysterical crying things. Starts off with an accoustic guitar and a wispering voice but explodes into something huge. Californian King Bed is what it’s called. You love it, or you hate it.

Reggea. She did not have that on her records yet. Not that I’m aware of, anyway. It’s reggea with sirenes as a sample, though. How the hell, you’d ask yourself. But with her, anything goes. But I can’t stop laughing. I can’t deny, it’s a cool song, Man Down. But the lyrics go like this;

Oh, mama, oh mama, I just shot a man down

 How can you not laugh out loud (also known as LOL).

Raining Men featuring Nicki Minaj is something else. I mean, here I was expecting a cover of a cover. Don’t be fooled Geri Halliwell isn’t the first one singing that song. But it so isn’t. Okay, I didn’t really expect it to be that song, but it’s so not what I really expected either. Even when I saw Nicki’s name. For my taste, it’s pretty annoying. The way that Whip My Hair song by Will Smith’s kid is annoying. No offence to anyone, really. I have no intentions of hearing this on the radio anytime soon, but everything Nicki Minaj touches turns into gold these days, so we’ll see.

Complicated is so obviously more dance influenced than RnB influenced, the kind of artist Rihanna used to be. But it’s not that dance-y as you’d think. Could I say ballad number 3? Not really, though. Because near the two-minute, the beat hits in and there’s something more to it, I guess.

the next one, Skin, is the sex song of the album. Forget S&M.  This is the real shit, right here. The song starts of with a very heavy beat, and I was thinking, this is gonna turn into a real party. But it never really hits off, and she just keeps on doing the heavy, whispering way of singing.  And then she lets the big babies out, the big guns – I’m talking about an electric guitar solo, of course.

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z have proven this before: you can turn one song into two. Eminem and Rihanna did it, too. I’m talking about Love The Way You Lie (Part II). Basically, it’s the song we all know, except it’s reversed. Rihanna’s doing the verses and the chorus and somewhere at the end, Eminem comes in and does his thing. It’s the girl version of the song. The soft approach. I like both versions, actually.

So if she wasn’t busy enough, she went in the studio and made another album. Good for her. And good for her fans. And good for me, because I got another review out of it. Ha. But seriously, she did a good job on this one, and more importantly, I told her to lighten up because Rated R was way too dark and she listened. Or she just listened to her management. Either way, there are pretty good songs on the album, but I guess we’ve already heard the masterpieces on the radio. So I’m waiting what she’s gonna put out next.



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