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Duffy – Endlessly


We all know her from her biggest hit and debut single “Mercy“, but after that she didn’t do so bad either. The 26-year-old Welsh singer brought out her debut album “Rockferry” in 2008, and by the end of 2010 she returned with a follow-up. She was mostly known in the United Kingdom and other Western European countries, but after a couple of other succesful singles Americans also started to pick up on her fantastic vocals and great soul tracks.

I, myself picked up on that talent, too. That’s why I’m looking forward to listen and review.

the first track is called “My Boy“. The song has a slow intro with an audience supporting and clapping in the background. At first I thought I had some live version, but no, that’s just the song. To describe it, I would say it’s a mellow first one. You often see a pattern where the first track kicks in like no other, but this album doesn’t have that pattern, apparently. What I notice too is that her voice is quite different. It’s a lot more nasal. I wonder if that won’t annoy me in time.

The music did stay the same, if I hear that correctly in “Too Hurt To Dance“. It’s still as romantic as ever. The song’s about heartaches, just like her last album. I wonder where she keeps on getting her inspiration for that.

If they call it a heartache, why is the rest of my body aching?

She sings. Well, I can’t tell darling. I’d say in my best Welsh accent but I can say this: Why so sad? But knowing Duffy, the rest won’t be any different. And that might be good. She’s known for her sad songs and they work well if you need some alone time and/or a quiet night. Obviously, she’s never going to be closing down clubs.

But at least, with “Keeping My Baby” if you’re in the mood you might start dancing. Until you pay close attention to the lyrics, of course. Are they about an unexpected pregnancy? It makes me want to say: Who? Where? When? But nothing happened, guys. They’re just lyrics. And if they were autobiographical, you’d see her holding a child by now since she is keeping it.

Well, Well, Well” is the first and leading single of the album. It’s an up-tempo song and in Duffy’s words she said she made it for all her live shows. In the future she wants to have “an uptempo gig”. In that case, I will be going. All though I have to admit, this track isn’t my favourite. Which is probably very odd since it’s doing very well in the charts. It’s partly because I thought I recognized the chorus, but I hit the search button on youtube and nothing appeared that could justify my thoughts. So, I’ll let it go. Still, if you have any idea…

So we’ve had two up-tempo songs, it’s time to be sad again. it’s the turn for “Don’t Forsake Me “. Out of all her sad songs, I’d say if you heard “I’m Scared” before, this one comes close to it.  What’s really starting to bother me is her voice. What’s up with that? She could accomplish so many things with it, but instead she chooses to quiver.

in “Endlessly“, the track, Duffy accompanies herself with an acoustic guitar. And what’s great about this song is that it starts with the sound of an old record playing on an old record, well, player. And it sounds like an old song, too. It’s slow enough to dance with your grandparents with it. And they’d love it.

The next track is literally a follow-up from “Endlessly“. Both tracks sound so alike. Lyric wise, oh “Breath Away” is so different. She sings;

I enjoyed tearing you apart, now it’s me who cries

that’s just really sad. The background vocals and the trumpets make a difference in this one.

Lovestruck” sounds a lot more modern and it might even include some electronic instruments or beats. Not too much, you can’t expect too much, right? I guess I could say the song contains a bit of a mystery in it. I’m not sure why but it does.

Girl” is lots of fun, but the lyrics are all about jealousy. You’d think it’s a song like Destiny’s Child’s “Girl” but nothing is less true. She’s basically singing, on a oddly fun tone, to stay away from her man. I’m thinking; Thank God she’s found a good guy because I don’t want a heartache based album number three. Even if they help me go through my own heart breaks.

Speaking of, the last song, as you can already guess from its title “Hard For The Heart” is just another one of those. But it’s a good one. It’s almost an easy love song. It feels like she’s finding comfort in being alone. That’s how it sounds like for me, though. It’s not what she sings about, at all.

So, Duffy just released her sophomore album.  First of all, I also wanted to say that I adore the cover. Don’t you agree? But the content? I’m just not sure about that. It has some good songs but most of them are disturbed by her quivering voice. And that bothers me especially because her voice is what makes her special but I’m almost thinking they took advantage of that and tried to make it more special but failed trying. Or am I really the only one bothered by it? That phenomenon is also something I find in her lyrics and atmosphere in her tracks. Like I said, I won’t ever expect her to do club songs and I wouldn’t want her to, either. But after all those heartbreak songs in her first album, and with her recent happiness in love you’d expect her to be more joyous. But o well. Well, Well, Well.



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