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Bruno Mars

If you say the name Peter Gene Hernandez, it wont ring a bell to anyone, but talk about Bruno Mars, people immediately start talking about him. Especially the ladies. The 25-year-old American singer, songwriter and producer has Hawaiian roots but his love for music brought him to Los Angeles. There he produced for Flo Rida, K’naan and Cee Lo Green. The last one is also featured in this album. His vocal abilities also started to shine out in songs like “Nothin’ On You” by B.O.B. Slowly but surely he’s proven to the world he’s worth being around in the music business and damn it, we all want him there too.

His debut was released last year already so you better hurry and listen.

First off, there’s Grenade. It’s the second single but first track of the album and I can’t help to say: I love it so f-word much. It’s one of the better ballads out there, and it’s so heartfelt. Or that’s how it sounds like. The truth of the matter is that you know, even before you listen to his songs, he’s going to steal women’s hearts. He’s that kind of guy. Unlike singers like Tiao Cruz, that break hearts, he’s the kind that is whining about women breaking his heart. And so he does in Grenade.

Tell the devil I said, hey, when you get back to where you’re from

Isn’t that song just too sad? What woman wouldn’t want to comfort him. Yea, I’m raising my hand as well, it’s true.

Next thing you know he’s comforting you and complimenting you. He’s also that kind of guy. The first single, “Just The Way You Are” is a romantic love song where he describes his loved one as the prettiest girl in the world. All though he’s quite delusional. I’m sorry Bruno, but if your girlfriend has the perfect hair, don’t go thinking she didn’t do anything for it (“her hair falls perfectly without her trying”). She worked her butt off. Unless she really is the dream girl and then I’d say, lucky you, Bruno Mars.  That aside, it’s a good pop song. But you gotta like it that this guy on the radio compliments you or your girlfriend, of course.

This guy keeps on giving. First, he’d catch a grenade for a girl. Then he confesses to compliment his loved one every day, now he’s even singing how he treats her right on “Our First Time“. To me, it’s one of the better slow sex songs. His voice on this track reminds me of Micheal Jackson, where he sings on a soft but high way. Comforting but sexy enough to take your clothes of. That is, only if you’re that girl he made the song for.  Other girls, please don’t take it off.

“Runaway Baby” has a little more edge. The dream guy is over, he’s now officially a bad guy.The one that will pull a spell on you but let you go the first thing in the morning. And he’s actually advising for the girls to run away from him, if they don’t want to end up in his bed, that is.  The track includes a rock influence with a base line, drums and guitars. He’s got a wild side, I see.

You read “influenced by reggae” and they’re right. With “The Lazy Song“, it’s proven. At one point he sings:

I’ll just strut in my birthday suit, and let everything hang loose

yea sure, okay. It’s one of a kind song but on a debut album anything still goes. Wait ’till you’re big enough, Bruno Mars, then they’ll actually ask you about that lazy day where you strutted in your birthday suit. You’re gonna have to explain.

What he’s also is gonna have to explain is what he’s describing in “Marry You“. No, it’s not that kind of song where he pours his heart out, all though it’s still pretty romantic. Or not. Basically, it’s a song about the Vegas way of marrying. Probably drunk off your ass and “looking for something dumb to do” as he describes it.  The track has a swung you expect from him. With the additional wedding bells in the background.

The next one is a ballad, another one. But who can blame him for singing so much ballads? He’s got a voice for it. Why not use it? “Talking To The Moon” is a sad piano based song, where he’s sobbing over a lost girlfriend. On the deluxe there’s an acoustic version, and I’m not sure what I like best but I  can tell you they’re both cheesy. Truly cheesy. Hate it or love it.  But if you hate this track, why did you buy this album? You know he’s a cheese ball. I’m just saying.

“Liquor Store Blues” is reggae, again. But how can it not be with Damian Marley as a guest vocalist. Yes, the son of the Bob Marley. And no the son didn’t go on a different direction. The track has a cute guitar solo. And I had my share of head nodding for the day.

“Count On Me” feels like I’m back on summer camp and we’re all singing happy camp songs. The one thing I always noticed in his tracks is that he always finds a way to cleverly rhyme. Just like in this song where in the chorus he literally counts 1,2,3 when it rhymes on “me” but when he has to rhyme on “you” he sings “4, 3, 2”.

I was looking forward to hear the last track, one that features with Cee Lo Green. And B.o.B. For those who don’t know who Cee Lo Green is, he’s the voice of Gnarles Barkley but left the band to start a solo career. As mentioned before, Bruno Mars wrote him his first solo hit “Fuck You”, and now he’s returning the favor. So does B.o.B

They both go in to crazy high voices, certainly in the chorus. It’s a really good song. It’s got good rhythm, and Cee Lo made it a bit spacey. Thumbs up.

My conclusion would be that it’s a pretty good album. I have honestly not heard any song that would bore me or that just doesn’t go. However, if you would have to put Bruno Mars in a box, you easily could. He’s the guy that makes the girls go wild. He’s easily compared for his charm with Micheal Jackson and Elvis Presley. That for one, is a big honor, I’m guessing. If he really is worthy being compared to these legends is yet to be proved by him. But he’s got the voice to succeed and I think he will. What direction he’ll go in to in the future is left to be unsaid because but I’m thinking he’ll always blow women’s minds.



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