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Cheryl Cole – Messy Little Raindrops

Only a year after the release of her debut album “3WORDS” as a solo artist, she’s already back with her sophomore album.  The British twenty-seven year old has a one of a kind career. She first started out in the girls group “Girls Aloud” but the group then split. Or as they call it “a hiatus”. But Cheryl didn’t stop there and has been in the jury of British X Factor ever since 2009. Now, in the UK she’s as popular as their Royalty. But she hasn’t really quite broke through in the rest of the world. Unless of course, for people like me.

Let’s just start with the beginning. Meaning, “Promise This“. For those who don’t know this yet, it’s the first and leading single of the album. It’s a Wayne Wilkins production and very up-beat. First thing you hear is her repeatedly singing “Alouette”, and I have no clue what that means. Turns out, it’s French for “lark”. I guess it’s one of those songs where it’s over before you know it. It’s fast, and pretty danceable. Even tango, like she does in the video.

The first thing I notice about “Yeah, Yeah” featuring Travie McCoy, is that it’s like a disco song with a 21 century beat. It’s reminds me a lot of  Sophie Ellis Bextor. I see myself ice skating on this song, that’s for sure. I honestly thought: this is gonna be a typical rapper-involved song. But no, I couldn’t be more wrong. It seems like they’re just having fun like I am on their ice skates. Singing together, without any breaks.

Live Tonight” starts with a guitar based intro and autotuned vocals. But soon enough, it turns into a sweeping chorus. It’s a feel-good song and you feel good right after. Or even during. Produced by Will.i.Am, who she worked with before on her previous album. Not bad, not bad at all. It certainly brings you in a lighter mood than “3 Words”, she also did with him.

Her second single, released right after New Year is called “The Flood” and it’s a lot less of a happy song. Actually, it’s a ballad in the traditional way of the word. I don’t think she’s done that before in her solo career.

You can’t hold on to water, it fills you up but never stays, it’s only good to wash away, today.

Of course, that’s a metaphor.

With “Amnesia” she re-unites with her debut for a while. A weird and slighty annoying beat which is still good enough to be like-able. But liking a song isn’t good enough to be good. Get it? This one is a filler. One that will you’ll be singing on a day when the night was too short, but that’s all it’s gonna do.

Dizzee Rascal is featuring on “Everyone“. It’s got a bit of a dubstep thing going on, something every pop artist seems to be doing these days. But heavy beats aren’t harmful if they’re well done. And this one is. The chorus shouts pure pop. Until Dizzee comes in. But that’s only about twenty seconds and it’s not unpleasant.

Raindrops” is the track she named the album after. It’s another ballad that makes me think she was desperate to prove she’s a good singer. Notes go longer and higher than before. To my opinion, it’s pretty boring. But the music is fantastic. You know I’ve got a thing for acoustic guitars.

And for pianos. And that’s exactly how the next song, “Hummingbird” starts with.  If you ask me – it’s a romantic track. The way Natasha Bedingfield does it, or her brother for a matter of fact. Cute, but it’s been done before.

August Rigo. Wait who? Well, I don’t know but he’s the kid featuring her in “Better To Lie“. I googled him and apart from the fact that he sounds like Justin Bieber, this song does too. This song also sounds like a Sean Kingston song. Which isn’t hard to explain since JR Rotem produced the song and so does he produce most of Sean Kingston’s singles. Either way, the track’s not bad but I feel like a pre-teen now. Maybe Willow can join in next time, too.

Let’s Get Down” is quite different.  First of all, it starts like it’s a bad ’90 track and it doesn’t seem to end there. But I just really don’t like the experimental way she’s going, or can I say he’s going? After all Will.i.Am produced it. And features in it. Please let it be over soon. O wait, it is.

Happy Tears” now starts and it’s a bit more of a traditional kind of song. I’m smiling? no, no. Wait, yes I am. But that might be personal.

I’m never gonna cry again, unless they’re happy tears

Now that’s a good quote. What’s a bit more random is the fact she’s singing that she cut off her hair and painted her toes. Good for her but so random. Really. Still, to my opinion it’s one of the better songs.

Last but not least, “Waiting“. This track is definitely pure Euro dance. But the good kind. Only I can’t help to notice this piano riff in the bridge and chorus. That just sounds an awful a lot like the Vanessa Carlton song. I may be wrong, I may be right. And if you’ll prove that I’m wrong with the music notes, I won’t even be able to see the difference. But I hear what I hear. Not that it really bothers me, anyway.

So she brought out her second album. And you know what they say, the first one did well so the second one has to do better. Well, it might do better in the stores but it’s no way near better. Or I just don’t like the combination of experimental tracks and beats and traditional pop. It’s just feels like it’s all been done before. It’s not breaking any dishes. Too bad, really. But who cares? She’s still hot. And single, so I’ve heard.



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