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Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now

Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace started as an Indie rock band back in the early 90’s and quickly climbed their way to the top. Consisting of Adam Gontier (Vocalist & Guitarist), Neil Sanderson (Drummer & Backup Vocalist), Brad Walst (Bassist), and finally their latest addition Barry Stock (Lead Guitarist), the band has become well-known in both the United States and their hometown of Toronto, Canada. The song that got them into the business was the single “I Hate Everything About You” off their self-titled album “Three Days Grace”. After Producer heard this song he picked up a pen and signed them on to EMI Music Publishing Canada. Later the band signed with Jive Records. Psyched to finally be signed with a big time music company they quickly set to work on their second album. But during production Adam Gontier was checked into Rehab for Drug and Narcotic use. It’s because of this many across the world deem that the album “One-X” is their best and deepest work. Adam agrees with this because a lot of the songs relate to his experiences with drugs. After making it big with “One-X” they then produced “Life Starts Now”. I personally love this album, it’s a great mix of melodic tones and that heavy rock sound you expect from them. This album is a little more upbeat and contains ‘Happier’ songs. This record has grown and become known faster than any of their previous albums, except maybe “I Hate Everything About You” which is still well-known world-wide.

Breaking it down we’ll start with track one; Bitter Taste. Lyrically this song is average by Three Days Grace’s standards. They have written songs like this in their past albums such as “Gone Forever” from One-X. The lyrics are about a guy who breaks up with a girl and basically forgets about her and just wishes she didn’t exist. Same as “Gone Forever”. But, musically this is a very different and amazing song. The drums are what really make it here. Instead of a lot of songs that sync the guitar to the lyrics, you really see the drums step in and take control of the beat. I feel like this song has a heart, the drums.

Next is the song “Break”. This song was probably the first known off the album as it got the first music video. With paint balls and each member playing in their own room it gave the video a retro feel. Similar to the first this song wasn’t lyrically moving, but it was very upbeat, catchy, and had a message everyone can relate to. That message is wanting to be better, to get to the top. While this was strongly expressed, it’s still very common to Three Days Grace and wasn’t very unique. The guitar made this song though, with short interludes of Barry Stock pouring his soul into the six-stringed instrument the song was taken to the next level. Not to mention the lyrics are synced with the music very well so it’s easy to sing along. Despite the overall regularity of the song, it was very well written.

Moving on we see the songs first ‘Deep’ song. The song “World so Cold” really expresses Adam Gontier’s Ability to put emotion into the words. Contrary to the first two this is a very lyrically moved song. It seems as if it’s another break up song, but I interpreted the song as if the man singing had lost someone very close to him, like a brother. And this is about his struggle with despair about losing his brother. “I’m too young, to lose my soul.” That is one of the lines in the song and I believe it’s what the song really means. He is mourning a death, but feels he is too young to worry about it and needs to move on, however there is still the issue that his brother is in fact dead. So it’s a struggle of how to move on. When I look at it like that this is a very unique song to Three Days Grace, deep and moving. Probably the third best song on the record if you ask me.

Ok, so Adam Gontier finally likes a girl. About damn time right? Their fourth song is titled “Lost in You” and it is about a man who loves a girl so much that he fears if the girl loves him back then he’ll become oblivious to everything else. Of course, that’s just my intake. This song is great, but not because one part of the song makes it great, it’s the composition. How all the instruments meld together and the lyrics compliment the music just make you want to sit back and just chill. A very well composed song, it’s the greatness I expect from Three Days Grace. Nothing more, nothing less.

The second song to get a music video was “The Good Life”. This song represents a more ‘Metal’ side of Three Days Grace. It has a repetitive and heavy guitar riff with a good rhythm on the drums. Adam’s voice sounds a little scratchier in this one and the video has a grainy effect on it. Not to mention Adam is gripping a skeleton microphone. The song is basically about people wanting to forget all the stress and just relax. This is basically the band just writing a song to write. It’s very chill in how it’s composed, I didn’t feel a whole lot of emotion in it. The pattern in which it’s played has been on previous albums, but it worked for this song. I guess it’s just one of those tracks that you like, but you don’t really know why.

“No More” comes in as the sixth track and is well done. The song fits this album perfectly, with a happy rhythm and lyrics that leave you questioning life this song deserves to be called on of Three Days Grace’s best. My interpretation of the song is that if you live in fear you’ll never accomplish anything. And the constant battle to always try to change the world, but realizing that you can only help change the world. “No More” is not the best on the album, but it really complimented Barry Stock’s ability to play melodically.

The next song is “Last to Know”. Again you have a song involving a girl, and a theme that’s been repeated before. In the Song “Let it Die” off their album “One-X”. It’s about a girl who leaves him without saying anything, this is similar to “Let it Die” but instead the guy leaves the girl. Same thing, just vice-versa. Overall it’s a catchy and melodic song, but not their best. At most 3/5 stars. Nothing much more to say on this one…

This next song, #8, “Somebody who cares” really makes it for this album. Or should I say, Makes the album. This is about how it’s easier to find enemies than friends. I really enjoyed the message and it was lyrically moving. It got me thinking about life and all the crevices that come with it. Usually you would think a song like this would be slow and melodic, but instead it’s a little heavier and distorted. I enjoyed the change of pace and originality of the song. There’s only like one instrumental break in this song and it’s at the very end, so I was disappointed by that, but otherwise. 5/5. Good job Three Days Grace!

Ok, this one is by far the best on the “Life Starts Now” Album. The song is “Bully” and it’s about kids that are treat badly at school, but eventually they snap and go ape shit on the bully. Now, was this song composed well, or at least as well as some of the others? No. Was this song musically inventive? No. But, what this song did was portray a different side of bullying you never see. “When she loses her temper, Nobody knows her but tonight the silence is over ” This is the side of bullying you don’t see. Kids actually standing up for themselves. This line implies that the girl loses her temper and ends it. Really a great message. Could have been better musically, but the lyrics were so moving that I can’t help but give it a 6/5 stars. That’s right, it’s not a typo, I said six out of five. Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is…

Track #10, “Without You” highly resembles track #4 “Lost in You”. The message is not the same, but it’s still about a girl Adam is deeply in love in with. Honestly, Three Days Grace is doing a lot of songs about girls. By track #10 most of “Life Starts Now” and “One-X” have been about girls in some way, shape or, form. Anyways, this song is decently done. The lyrics are kinda ordinary, but I like the music. It’s chill and has a pretty melodic guitar solo in it. Well written, but 3/5 at best. And that’s being generous ladies and gentlemen. Nothing much more to say on this one, it’s pretty plain.

Rolling in at Track number eleven would have to be the second best song on “Life Starts Now”. This has a dark and mysterious feel to it. The slow beat and only slightly distorted guitar riff really compliments the lyrics. Which are about someone who gets walked on, but rises up and beats the shit out of the guy who put him down. That’s my taking on it anyways… However, the reason this tops the top 3 with #2 is the fact that they added some synth to the song. It’s not something that happens a whole lot in Three Days Grace stuff, and it worked perfectly for this song. The composition is probably the most original on the album and the way Adam sings “Now that you’re going down” just lifts my spirits and puts me in a better mood. If “Bully” wasn’t here, this would make #1.

And finally, the song that made the title of the album, “Life Starts Now”. This is one of those songs that everybody takes differently, there is no way I could tell you what this song means. Hell, I don’t even have an interpretation of it, I just know that it makes me think of a new beginning. A realization that you have the choice in your life. Now, moving on to the actual song… It was done very well, there was the perfect mix of pauses and interludes to make this song perfect. It repeats the chorus quite a bit, but it doesn’t bother me. They change-up the music a little each time and keeps it interesting. Whether it be an extra drum beat or a halt in the music all together. The lyrics are again, deep and moving, but very broad. The song could mean anything. I wish they would have added an extra verse and really gave the song some meaning. But it’s for that same reason this song is great, and either way, good song. 4/5.

Well, this concludes the album “Life Starts Now”. This was recorded after One-X and is their latest album. Top 3 are in this order, #1 Bully, #2 Goin’ Down, and #3 World So Cold. My overall opinion of the record was “A Job well Done”. This was nowhere near as good as “One-X” and Nothing tops their first self-titled album, “Three Days Grace”. But, overall, it’s just what I expected form Three Days Grace. Adam Gontier did well, Neil really overdid himself, Brad Walst did a good job with “Good Life” and we really got to a see a melodic side of Barry Stock. All I have to say is, Keep it up Three Days Grace!

Written by Alex


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