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H, Hurts

Hurts – Happiness


It’s a duo. One, Theo Hutchcraft, singing. He’s the left one on the cover. The other guy, Adam Anderson is the synth player. Together, they’ve been making synth pop ever since 2009. Last year their debut album “Happiness” came out, and critics loved it. Their music is new and refreshing. Pop can be made without the glitter and tight outfits. No, they rather make it in funeral style.

Silver Lining is track one.  The first thing you notice is the heavy beat, produced by the synthesizer, of course. Then you notice the striking, beautiful voice of singer Theo. Which, I might add is striking in all the songs. So it seems.  The song has a very cold and tight feeling, even though the lyrics are warm. Near the end, a men’s choir starts singing and its quite scary. It catches my breath, but on a good way.

Wonderful Life, the second single of the album, is an immediate favourite. The singer tells us a story about a girl named Suzy. The video is one that is filmed by a pool, in an (unusual) dark environment surrounded by models in funeral outfits. It’s a bit odd, but wonderfully done. Just like the song itself.

Don’t. Let. Go. Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life.

Every pop album needs it’s ballad, even this one. And they’ve got one, too. “Blood, Tears and Gold” is a track about heartbreak. The writer is the one whose breaking up, saying it won’t get any better, even after throwing in “blood, tears and gold.” For me, it’s a bit boring and too sad. But if you’re in that situation, if you can relate: it’s great. Music is subjective. Proof #52493986.

Sunday” is a bit more happy, at least so it seems. If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, it’s sweeping. What can you say more? It’s a new single, and they’ve made a good choice. It’s put me in a good mood.

We’ve heard a mens choir, now we’re hearing a womens choir in “Stay“. Truth to be told, I never imagined them to be so bombastic, but they are.  Really. And I know it’s gonna get even more bombastic when Kylie comes along. But let’s enjoy Stay first. It is a good song.

So then there’s ‘Illuminated“. It’s a slow song, but not in the traditional matter. Good. It’s the kind of song that I imagine to be on the background near the ending of an emotional drama series. Of course, I can’t deny: it’s the kind I watch too much of. But I know some people might agree. Whether the episode has a sad or a happy ending, that’s dependable.

All the indie kids do it, and they do too. I’m talking about using a name as a title. “Evelyn” is as orotund as the previous tracks, but it’s not bothering me at all. Everything just flows together, nicely.The music is put together so well.  Now, I just want to know who the girl is.

The thing with Better Than Love (the first single), is that for me – I’ve got a feeling I’ve heard it, yes. I’ve just never noticed it. I’m sure that’s not so bad because the song, is pretty worthy to be a leading single.  Either way – the video is quite different, but just as we want it to be.

Okay – So I have to admit something. Up until the point when I started listening to the album, I thought they were White Lies 2.0. Dark indie rockers, or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like that too. But boy, was I wrong. And the fact that “Devotion” is collaborating with Kylie Minogue, is proving it big time. All the same, it’s a great track. It’s fitting for both artists.Only in Kylie’s album I’d describe it as a slow song, on this album, I wouldn’t. Nice touch with the accordion.

Unspoken” doesn’t seem like a special song at first, quite tiresome, even. But god, the music is fantastic. It really is. The beauty of the song hits off rather late. But then after that, it’s strong. After that it ends with a noticeable phrase.

I’d rather be lonely

The last track is called, “The Water“. It’s a piano ballad. And it’s just really, really sad. No doubt. They were in a dark place. But the strong voice stays. I swear, this guy will make a lot of money with his voice. It’s as flawless as the violins.Which are beautiful.

Honestly, this album doesn’t have any bad song. I’m impressed. I really am. Yes, it has fillers, but never in the way that they’re worse than the singles. More in a way that they just wouldn’t work in the charts.  They really did make a stunning debut. I just wish they’d be more happier. It’s so depressing, while really – you can make pretty happy pop with synths. But that’s their style, and pop doesn’t always have to be glitz and glamour.




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