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Black Veil Brides – We Stitch These Wounds


A new band just recently showing up is “Black Veil Brides”. Just being formed in 2006 they have grown in popularity quite quickly, already being signed with Standby Records three years after being formed in 2009. Andy Biersack’s devilish good looks and charm have made him a big hit with the ladies and the band’s heavy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics have made them a prominent figure in today’s music industry. They released their first album in 2009 titled, “We Stitch These Wounds”.

The first track on their debut album is titled, “The Outcasts (Call to Arms)”. Honestly, this isn’t even a track, its just Andy Biersack talking in a real low, deep, monsterish voice. It’s their introduction and just says,

“This record is for the outcasts, the following are stories of love, life, and never giving in. We are the Black Veil Brides.”

Really a great addition to somebody who still listens to the actual CD from start to finish.

The first ‘Real’ track on “We Stitch These Wounds” is the actual song titled “We Stitch These Wounds.” Being still young artists this song perfectly portrays your average teenage Angst. Definitely one of the more ‘Catchy’ songs on the album, with a few screams thrown in here and there. The guitar riff is light and simple, but complex enough to keep your attention. All I have to say is “Good Job Black Veil Brides!”. However, the guitar line is something a little similar to “Knives and Pens”, but that’s just a pet peeve I have as a fellow guitarist.

The next song is “Beautiful Remains.” This is one of their softer songs, though as you commonly see in Black Veil Brides songs, there is a few lines of screaming. But for the most part, it’s pretty soft and emotional. I hate to say it, but it is a little ‘Lovey-Dovey” (Can I say that about this band? Ha!) with the lyrics

“Our love’s in time, a single loss.”

Ok, not expected, but surely welcomed. The guitar solo is what makes this song though, it’s melodic, but still powerful enough to inspire even the best of guitarists. Overall, it’s meh. Could’ve been better and it didn’t draw too much hype, but it was nicely done.

Ok, this next song was extremely underrated. “Children Surrender” made me want to go out and just conquer a nation. If you read the lyrics by themselves, they’re very depressing, but close your eyes and just listen to the music. It speaks a story of children who were never ‘on top’ but in numbers they can preach a message and tell their testimony. The pure composition and emotion is what put this song up there. Extremely underrated and pure emotion. I can’t stress the amount of emotion each member of the band put into this piece. I love it, I can’t say much more. I hope you buy the album and enjoy this song as much as I do.

Well, Haters gonna Hate. This is the message I got from the fifth track, “Perfect Weapon.” This song is one of those pieces that define the band. If you turned on this song people would instantly recognize the style and the band. Max treble and heavy distortion, quick drums, melodic lyrics. This is what I think of when I think, “Black Veil Brides”. And this is exactly what this song dished out. It’s the story of a man who comes to realize, that basically, Haters are gonna Hate so just go away. Love the message, love the music. Ten out of Ten, great job!

Wow, two in a row. Rolling in at Number Six is yet another song that defines Black Veil Brides. “Knives and Pens” deserves every bit of production money and advertising it got. It was the very first song of theirs to get a music video and is probably the most well-known song off this album. It’s overrated and overplayed, but I don’t care; It has powerful lyrics, driving guitar riffs, tempo-catching beats, and overall great composition. This song is about people just standing up for themselves, whether it be with knives or pens. Hence the song name. Eleven out of Ten, deserves every bit of attention it got.

“The Mortician’s Daughter” is by far the softest song on the entire album. There is absolutely no distortion in the entire song and Andy keeps a soft voice. No Screaming! Very solemn and slow; A story about a boy who leaves his girl, but still loves her. But I can’t say that with one hundred percent assurance, I feel it’s one of those songs you have to listen to and grab your own meaning from. Despite the deep meaning of this song, I thought it was a mediocre performance from Black Veil Brides. The guitarist strums about three chords the entire song, the drums have almost no part in it, and hardly any backup vocals. Yeah, it’s moving and emotional, but as musical artists Black Veil Brides could have done better.

Contrary to the one before it; “All your Hate” was composed wonderfully. The guitar plays an especially strong part in this song, with overlain melodies and harmonies it really compliments the entire band. Now, this is not one of those songs that define Black Veil Brides, instead it does pretty much the opposite. This is a bit of a new style that you don’t hear much on this album, I personally like it and think it makes them sound a bit like Bullet for my Valentine, but with that unique twist only Black Veil Brides can dish out. A lesson about learning from your mistakes, it was beautifully portrayed. Ten out of Ten.

The lyrics of this next song, “Heaven’s Calling”, impressed me as a writer. They were poetic and mysterious, I don’t think I could draw a simple conclusion from this. I was excited to see that they didn’t spell out the meaning of the song for you,

“I won’t dwell on Heaven’s Calling”,

‘Heaven’s Calling is never actually defined in the song. The lyrics really make you think about things, and I like that in songs. Nicely done by all members of the band, although the lyrics are what made this piece special.

Emotion, this is what I think of when I hear “Never Give In”. Andy Biersack doesn’t sing, Jake Pitts didn’t play guitar, and Christian Coma didn’t play drums; they bled pure emotion. Overstated? No, they deserve it. This song was ecstasy. The guitar riff was not too original, I’ve heard the drum part before, and the meaning of the song has been done before. But the amount of emotion they poured into this song was like a volcano of feeling. This song is of course about Never giving in and never backing down, but the way it’s performed makes you think about Edgar Allen Poe. Which is a great comparison, Edgar Allen Poe probably would have considered the lyrics in this song brilliant. And I mean every word of it.

“Sweet Blasphemy” is about how righteous men can act holy, but when it actually comes time to do something they won’t do anything. For me this song implies that there are many ‘crooked’ men of god that do more bad than good and that there are better atheists that do more good. Now, religion is always a controversial topic so I won’t get into it; however, i must say this is a great song. It’s melodic with a twist of metal-core. The guitar keeps a solid melody and the drums are ice and slow. Again, I won’t say anything about the lyrics themselves except that Andy has the voice of a fallen angel in this song. Well done, Eight out of Ten.

The last and final song on the album is titled, “Carolyn”. Now, I want you to scratch everything I’ve said about any of the other songs. This is by far the best piece composed by Black Veil Brides. At first it almost sounds a little country, soft strumming, long drawn out notes, you know, the works; but there is the perfect blend of all the elements of music to make this unique to the band. They implemented the guitar, Andy’s voice, the drums,and even the bass. Wonderfully Done! This is truly a unique song, you just have to listen to it, me describing it would only worsen the song for you.

Well, overall I was genuinely impressed with this album and the band. With only 4 years after being formed you can’t not give them credit for making it so big. Not to mention the raw talent they posses to be able to create songs of this magnitude in such short of time. I would suggest following Andy’s V-log, he’s a great guy that really cares about his friends. But honestly, I can only see them going Downhill from here. I see them as one of those bands that makes one really great album, but ever really finds the muse to make another. Although I do hope I’m wrong.

Written by Alex


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One thought on “Black Veil Brides – We Stitch These Wounds

  1. i must say that this album is truely amazing and one that should be charished for time to come. The critic on it is also great and well said, but i for one doubt they will not go down hill from here. If they were able to stick together and catch the attention of people by their first album then im more than possitive they will head the right direction soon after. I as a big fan belive they will.

    Posted by Cynthia | May 1, 2011, 10:33 pm

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