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Adele – 21

Everyone knows her as just Adele, but she’s actually Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in real life. The twenty-two year old is a British songwriter whose voice is blowing people away. She never really broke a lot of dishes in the charts worldwide, all though, she did win three Grammys in 2009. Today, she’s back with her sophomore album, “21”. That one broke more than dishes, only. If you were in London recently, you know you’ve seen the cover. It’s everywhere.

First up, it’s “Rolling In the Deep, what a precious song. It’s the first and leading single of the album, and one of the strongest. It’s bombastic and declamatory, just the way the album is expected to be, just the way her voice is. And the back up vocals, or can I say  choir, only justify that.  It has a slow build up, but once she hits the chorus, there is no stopping her.

Rumour Has It”  is basically a track about a woman, upset about the man she fell in love with, left her for a prettier, younger and richer woman. It’s up-tempo song but the bridge, however, is slowed down. The last line has a twist to it, saying she left him for a better man.

Turning Tables” has a piano intro. Not only that but it also includes violins. It’s your typical sad song, with blow-your-socks-off vocals.

It sounds like she’s going country with “Don’t You Remember“, with her guitar chords. It’s a ballad, and if you’d tell me that Keith Urban wrote it, I would believe you. It’s a good ballad, but two in a row are always a no-no.

I’ve been told that “Set Fire To The Rain” is the album’s best. And, it has to be good somehow since they released it as the second single.  And yes, it is good. If it’s the best on the album, that’s debatable. It’s kind of the way her first single is, strong and bombastic, but it’s also really sad.

But I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touched your face

Actually, so is the next track, “He Won’t Go“.  The music is beautiful, but it’s something that saddens me, and I really need something to cheer me up right now. Where is it?

unfortunately, “Take It All” doesn’t give me that. What it does give me is a beautiful piano play and a great melody sung by flawless notes. And every once in a while, a choir agreeing with what she sings. Agreeing and repeating. It would’ve been better if they had chosen this version as the acoustic, bonus one. And made it more voluminous.

So it seems, my prayers have been answered with “I’ll Be Waiting“.  She’s happy. Somewhat delusional, because he’s not coming back. But at least – a happy song came from it. Trumpets and everything, oh yes.

One And Only” reminds me of that song that uncles and aunts dance on together at weddings. It used to be their song in high school. Except not really, but that’s what I hear. The upside of it all is that it’s actually a good song. And it’s got a surprising ending, one that wouldn’t be played at the seventies radio.

The next song has the appropriate title, “Lovesong” which makes me think: Haven’t we already had that? But I’ll let her sing it anyway. Luckily, it’s not that typical as it seems. It’s got this own vibe.  All of her tracks are well written, but this one in particular is worth listening to for the lyrics. It’s more of a poem than a lyric.

How ever far away, I will always love you

The last track, “Someone Like You“, is second or third single (depends where you live). It really is something. But truth to be told – she might as well picked another ballad because they all kind of sound the same, for me. No, they’re all good. But they’re extremely easy to make a medley of.

The album, goes without saying, is really good. But some tracks are standouts, others just aren’t. What doesn’t change though, is the quality of her vocals. Those are outstanding and will always be outstanding. So are her writing skills. But the album has too much sad songs for my taste, especially because I expected it to have more strong songs like the leading single, “Rolling In the Deep”.

Written by Emily




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