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My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance is an American Rock Band that plays a style resembling that of many other famous alternative/punk rock bands, such as Green Day and Nirvana. This is one of those bands that you either love ’em or you hate ’em. I haven’t met a person who was neutral about the band; but it adds to their ‘Spunk’. They started out with an album signed by Reprise Records, and from there their music has only grown more and more renown world-wide. The Black Parade is by far one of their most known and, what I think, is their personal best record.

Ha! Their first song is ironically titled “The End” just the kind of devious behavior you’d expect from these rascals. Let me start off by saying this song is short, too short for me to actually gather any feeling about it. It seems to be an anti-system song, like a lot of punk rock, but it has a strange instrumental behind the lyrics. As if it’s something more… The only line that I really could say I liked in this song was

“When I grow up, I want to be nothing at all”

This makes me think of how kids are pressured to come up with a profession. You have career day and everything, but this shows that some kids just want to go through life. Who says the Have to do something? Anyways, for the music half of the song, I didn’t like it. Very generic for My Chemical Romance, I expect better.

This next song, “Dead”, is really quite sadistic. It’s really about someone deserving death. This is strongly illustrated in the lyrics, but what makes this song so sadistic isn’t really the lyrics, instead it’s the fact that the music is so upbeat. As if the band is happy about the death of this girl.

“Wouldn’t it be grand to take a pistol by the hand? And wouldn’t it be great if we were Dead?”

I mean really now? This song is probably the most ‘Jerktastic’ (Yes I made up a word just for this song.) I have ever heard in my life. It’s a terrible song, but at the same time the way it’s composed and performed makes me want to sing along. I should not be singing along to the death of people! Anyways, no matter how horrible it is, this song is wonderful, probably the third best on the album.

This next song contains a lot of emotion and “This is how I Disappear” is wonderfully done. But I just don’t like it, granted its original and moving, but maybe there’s a reason nobody made a song like that. I mean, the lyrics don’t mean anything. It’s kinda like MCR threw up a fourth grade dictionary and then put some music behind it. I’m largely disappointed, come on, this really slanders the rest of their music and I personally wonder why their producer let the song fly. Worst song on the album.

Ok, so this next song doesn’t leave me at disappointment, instead I rather enjoyed “The Sharpest Lives”. It has enough mysteriousness in the lyrics to give it a great MCR feel, but at least I can understand what the lyrics mean in this song. Well, at least I can make my own interpretation of it. What I take from the song is that a man has really not been his best, he’s out partying every night and doesn’t need a place of his own because he always ends up crashing at some party. While he admits this is not the best life he seems perfectly content with living this way. The music fits the tone of the song and the lyrics are well sung. I have no complaints. I guess My Chemical Romance had to make up for their last song…

Ok here comes my personal favorite, “Welcome to the Black Parade”. I have so much to say about this song, so buckle down, you’re in for a ride. Welcome to the Black Parade is of course the title of the album, but without this song the title would be meaningless. At the beginning of this song it’s real slow with a piano and almost spoken words;

“When I was, a young boy, my father took me into the city. To see a Marching Band”

This is the most powerful way to start off a song, and to top it off, after the lead singer says ‘Marching Band’ a generic marching snare roll starts to play in the background and the chimes cue each note. Lastly the lead singer finishes the intro and the guitarist comes in with a very powerful, but melodic, guitar interlude. But if you thought this song was going to be slow and melodic the whole time, then you obviously haven’t heard the song. After the first verse the song gets real slow, as if it’s about to stop, and then an upbeat punk-rock riff comes in with a little ‘spunkier’ music. This begins the part of the lyrics that tell the story about how he was not the savior of the broken his father told him to be but he did try, and through the process of trying he became one of the broken and got the broken to live again. A classic song about the minority rising up and uniting, but this was brilliantly done. It told the story behind it instead of just saying, ‘Minority! fuck Yeah!’ like a lot for other punk rock bands do. There is not one bad thing about this song,and if they wanted to release a single th- Wait, MCR did release a single of this song on i-tunes along with a CD with the song “Heaven Help Us”. Which is a brilliant song about a man waiting for Divine Help but it’s not coming as fast as he would have hoped. Both are amazing songs with excellent replay value!

“I Don’t Love You!” is your common song about love. I loved you, but now I don’t, but I still have feelings for you,yadda yadda yadda. We’ve all heard this story from just about every band. This song is very generic,boring guitar part, interludes you can see coming. If I had to sum this song up in one word I would have to say it’s ‘Predictable’ and kinda reminds me of a Simple Plan song, “Your Love is a Lie”. But Simple Plan did that song so much better than this, they really shouldn’t be compared. Too ordinary for my liking, Four out of Ten.

Ok, “House of Wolves” is by far the most ‘different’ song on the record. It is very upbeat and makes them sound a tad like classical rock. Very catchy and well preformed; A story about a bad boy who knows he’s burning in hell always sells good right? Right.

“Well I think I’m gonna burn in Hell! Everybody burn the house right down!”

How isn’t that likeable? Ha, this definitely shows a new side to My Chemical Romance and I must say, I like it! I wish we heard more stuff like this from them.

This next song, “Cancer”, brought a tear to my eye. The song is sung form the point of view of a man dying from cancer. The song is his last wishes before he dies. Very sad and quite realistic. My grandmother died from cancer and I wish I knew about this song at the time, she would have loved it. But anyways, this is a beautiful song, you just have to listen to it.

Did I say “This is how I disappear” was the worst song? Let’s take that off the record. “Mama” is by far their worst song. I mean what the hell? Did they even try to create a song here? No emotion, terrible lyrics, and lazy music. This disgraces artists everywhere. I’m not even going to put their lyrics in correct quotations because they’re that bad, but if you must see them. Here is a line. ‘Mama, We’re all gonna die’. It’s asinine and ignorant, I really don’t wish to talk about it anymore. Negative 3 out of ten.

“Sleep” is a decent song. It’s the story of a man who made a mistake, but doesn’t apologize for it and basically tells the girl to get over it. Ordinary, but it was moderately done. I’m neither impressed or disappointed, it’s just your average MCR song.

Ok, “Teenagers” is a great song to party to. I believe it’s about the punk rock teenagers scaring adults, but let’s be real, this song was made because it’s funny. Listen close,

“Teenagers scare! The living Shit out of me!”

How does that not make you laugh? It’s upbeat and catchy, like a lot of other My Chemical Romance songs, but has lyrics that just make you laugh. The guitar riff is simple and it works, a bit repetitive, but it works! Great song, 10/10.

“Disenchanted” is one of those songs where we get to see a different side of MCR. The beginning starts off with some sharp acoustic playing and some slow lyrics; for some reason this part of the song reminds me of something country like “Rascal Flatts”. But after the first verse it goes into an electric guitar riff and that common upbeat motion you see in most MCR songs. But I think it’s a nice change of pace. In fact I would have liked to see the whole song done acoustically, sadly this band needs a few different songs since a lot of them are generically the same. However, this song was well done, especially with the backup singers and guitar. Listen to the song and you’ll know what I mean.

Lastly we have “Famous Last Words”, this is a song that defines My Chemical Romance. Play this song and I instantly go, ‘That’s MCR!’ Probably their second best ever, with Black Parade being the first, I would place this up with billboard’s top 20, the world might not, but I would. It’s catchy and makes you want to party, but it still has a message that the artist is trying to convey. Fact: I played this at my sixteenth birthday party. Great song, if you don’t like MCR you still might have a chance at liking this song.

All in all, I like My Chemical Romance, they have an array of songs that get me pumped and ready to party while still retaining that melodic and slow feel I look for in a lot of bands. Granted they do have three or four songs that I would like to flush down the toilet, but they made up for it with songs “The Black Parade” and “Wolf house”. Decent Album, though I still think they should take a slower approach, when they try to get heavy and focus on a ‘metal’ song the song quality goes way down. Which is why I gave “This is How I disappear” a negative three. Ha! Overall album rating of Eight out of Ten.

Written by Alex


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