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Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

It’s an album, and an artist you can’t avoid. Britney Spears is back with her seventh album, Femme Fatale. Almost twelve years ago, Britney Spears, then only seventeen, released her first album and single, “Baby One More Time”. immediately, young fans all over the world loved her and her bubblegum pop songs. In the next five years she released four albums, all of them, with success. Of course, when you’re that successful, you pay a price. And a big price she paid. In 2004, she took a long break to start a family. A family that only lasted two years. We all know the rest. But, in 2008, she got things back in order and started recording again on her future album “Circus”. Now, a year after her last performance, she released Femme Fatale.

So the first track, and second single, on the new album is called “Till The World Ends”. A song that is produced by Max Martin. I personally love the track. Despite the fact that it sounds like “Blow” by Kesha, which probably isn’t a coincidence, since Kesha herself wrote Till The World Ends. But it’s still Britney, only a tad different. It’s first of all, her first track ever that only included a chorus twice. Unless you count the “uh-oh-oh-oh” as the chorus. The late chorus is both a good thing and a bad thing, in my opinion. For some people it will build suspense. For other people, the song gets boring and they’ll change the channel. I do know one thing: the video is great. But have you noticed the resemblance with her “Slave 4 U” video?

The album is certainly a dance album, and that’s been proven by the leading single “Hold It Against Me”. It is certainly a good song, but to me it’s always been a grower. Never have I had an instant wow-feeling with this song. Especially because my idea of a typical pop/dance song, was reversed in this song. What  I mean? The verses are up-tempo, the chorus is slower. But I adjust easily. The great thing about the song, though, are the lyrics.

Cause, you feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight.

“Inside Out” is one of my favourites. If I could have control over the singles, I’d pick that one. It would be the wrong choice. Because even though, it’s classic Britney, it’s still not single material. The song, that is about break-up sex, has strong vocals. I tend to wonder how they would sound live, but then soon withdraw that thought. We’ll probably never know.

Next on the playlist is “I Wanna Go”, a happy pop record that reminds me a bit of “Radar”. This is definitely something we’ll be hearing on summer radios. Unless her record label is stupid.

How I Roll” is a little more, eh, different. To say the least. There wasn’t any shock from my side, but if this weren’t Britney, I’d say there was from other people. It’s a smooth, techno influenced track that could have easily included other lyrics. But they had to go with “pussy” and the f-word. I’m not complaining, though. Am I ever?

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful” is featuring Sabi. God only knows who that is, but from I’ve heard on the track, she’s a female rapper. Sabi does most definitely add something to the track, but it’s still not a stand out track. The first thing that I hear are her cracking vocals. She does that sometimes, and it’s usually cute or just well done. In this track, it’s rather annoying. But the track itself, it’s too monotone.

Luckily, after bad comes good. “Seal It With A Kiss” is charming. I really like how nowadays, she plays out sex in a different way than the obvious. I remember “Get Naked” on her 2007 album “Blackout”. Great track, but it wasn’t more than exploring sex and the beats that belong to it. This song, it’s different because it fits perfectly in a summer beat. And the “oooh-eh-ooh” adds to the fun.

Will.I.Am joins the producers list with “Big Fat Bass”. A song that annoyed the heck out of me at first, but I got used to it. Just like Hold It Against Me, it’s a grower. She wanted to do “a dance record” and with that track, she does take it to another level.

“Trouble For Me” also starts with a big fat bass, but it’s not that big and fat. It’s one of the few tracks that I avoid listening to. Does that make it bad? Probably not, but it’s boring. Bonus track material.

“Trip To Your Heart” is a sweet love song, with heavily auto tuned vocals. I can’t help it but it sounds like her “Heaven On Earth” to me. It’s lovey dovey.

But it doesn’t stay that way for long. “Gasoline” is a lot edgier. The track is a bit of everything, but it first and foremost has edgy lyrics.

My heart only runs on supreme

But it’s also just really catchy. And so is her last track, “Criminal”. It’s so different from the material she has done, and yet  it’s not. The song starts with a verse that includes high vocals only Britney could perform. Not because she’s such an amazing vocalist, but because she’s got this typical voice, you can’t deny.

If the track were written by her, I’d really wonder who she’s singing about. But Britney doesn’t have one writing credit on her album, which raises eyebrows. Even the fans raise them. Obviously, aside from her never singing a word live (okay, so she has but it’s rare) she didn’t write any of the tracks, how can people not raise eyebrows? But that is one of the few negative comments on the album. It’s just really well done. I almost feel like the fillers should be in there, otherwise I’d feel bad for all the other pop artists out there.

However, I’d like to address that my opinion is totally delusional. I’m like the biggest sucker for her. Can’t deny.

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