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J, Jessie J

Jessie J – Who You Are

She’s only 23 and has just started out with her debut album, but Jessie J has already been compared to Amy Winehouse. If that is pure professional, then that is a serious compliment. After big success in her own country, the UK, she is now slowly expanding that success to  the world.

The first track, “Price Tag” featuring B.O.B., was the second single in the UK but in most other countries, the first one. It is an up-tempo track, but with laid back lyrics. Not everything should be about the price tag, she’s singing to us. It’s a perfect song to start the summer with, especially when B.O.B comes along to give us a rap.  Way to go.

Nobody’s Perfect“, the third single, starts with her rapping her first verse, but soon enough she sings her way into the chorus. She’s got a pretty voice, that goes well with her British accent she doesn’t seem to need to lose. But it’s also a bit fragile sounding. Certainly in the bridge, that fragility comes out a lot. Either way, the song is definitely something different. It’s a ballad, not as half as happy as the previous singles. Actually, it’s really sad.

Acracadabra” is more fun and loving. It’s a summer song, as well, and I have to say it reminds me a bit of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

Big White Room” starts with a soft guitar intro, continued by high vocals. With it’s 5:30 minutes, it’s the longest track of the album. At first, you’d think it’s a track recorded in one take, but it turned out to be a live track. The clapping and shouting makes it so much better.

Casualty Of Love” is a love ballad, where she shows off her vocals, who sound a lot less fragile here, if you ask me. This girl can sing. The track is soulful, but not that outstanding. As a pop fan, I’ve heard so many of these one’s too many times before.

The next  track has a lot more beat in it. “Rainbow” is up-tempo with a hip-hop feeling. Free spirited, that’s how it sounds like. Empowering, I’d say.

The hip-hop influence is also audible in “Who’s Laughing Now“, that starts with vocals, that should represent a beat. But I personally think that, the hip-hop only lasts until the chorus, because the chorus sounds like it should have had a rock beat. But then the bridge includes a more rapping Jessie J again. The lyrics are bitter and angry, but well written.

But thank you for the pain, it made me raise my game.

In “Do It Like A Dude“, the lyrics are angry too. The beat is tough, but it’s catchy and understandable why this became the leading single. She’s a tough cookie.

The next track, “Mamma knows best“, starts and I can’t believe what I hear, it’s a big band intro. The kind a burlesque show starts with. And it sounds exactly like it. If only we had a vision to go with it. So this is where there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that she can sing. We believe her now. It really is a nice addition to this rather modern pop album.

Love” is the subject and title, and I can’t help to picture Natasha Bedingfield singing this. It’s fun, it’s got a heart but it’s a lot more toned down than the bombastic previous track. All though, she still shouts it out. Near the ends she has a short talk to the audience (read: like three lines, but still). I just can not get enough of the British accent. She definitely puts that in her singing as well. A lot of British artists do, and I love it. If you speak english, sing it.

Empowering is a big word in this album, and it is in “Stand Up“. You know the drill, “live your life, like it’s your last”. It’s a not too bad song, if were actually in the position that I needed this, I would love it.

Ah, a ballad. “I Need This” is quite awkward, if you ask me. Like some parts should be in a different song. The verses are too long, for a chorus like that. I expected to be fire, the ballad.

Of course, from my experience, if the second last song is a ballad, the last one is too. “Who You Are“, is yet again an explosion of her vocals. It starts with a beautiful guitar intro, and I really like this ballad a lot better than the previous one.

So, I really like the album. It’s a good first one. She’s really set an image with it. We know she can sing, rap and she’s not just any girl. She’s going to do things in pop, wait and see. There’s a new girl in town.



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