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Jennifer Lopez – Love?

Does Jennifer Lopez need an introduction? I would lean to no, but who cares anyway. The fourty-one (but still fabelous looking) singer, actress and fashion designer has a released her seventh studio album in the spring. After her previous album “Brave”, she took a four year break. Of course, we couldn’t blame her, she had twins with her husband Marc Anthony for God’s sake. But now she’s back, we’re back judging her performance. This time, it’s all about love.

First up, the leading single “On The Floor”, featuring the oh so popular Pitbull. As many leading singles are, it’s the red line, the indication of how the album is gonna be. The song is a electro-house influenced party track. Well obviously, with a title like that you don’t expect a hearbreak song. It’s pretty catchy, which is also partly due to the sample of the “Llorando se Fue”, or also known as the Lambada. I mean, that track is quite epic and wellknown in the whole world. Some people really dislike the use of a wellknown sample like that, but I guess it makes sense for Jennifer Lopez. After all, she does have latino roots.

“Good Hit” isn’t that much latino, and it’s rather electronic, especially her voice. What happened to that? It’s autotuned. The song is pretty much the ego kind of track. I’m better than you, look at me. Like that, hard ball.

“I’m Into You” is one of my favourites the second single. I could safely say that the track is as equally as catchy as the first single, but it’s got more warmth to me. The track features Lil Wayne. All I have left to say is, if I were ever close to that guy in the video, I would be singing that track too. If only my girfriends would come home with a guy like that, I could finally be like “oh, I understand why”.

But let’s not get distracted here. When I read the next title “What Is Love” I immediately started to sing “baby, don’t hurt me, no more” but um yea, that’s a different song. The track is slower than the other ones we’ve heard already, and it’s truly a shoutout to all the men out there. I mean, if the lyrics were autobiographical.

“Run The World” has a R&B feel, something that JLO is familiar with. Rick Ross and The Dream both get a mini-rap in it, and it’s a pretty nice song. But I wonder what Beyoncé has to stay about that?

So I had a mellow feeling after the previous track, but then I listened to “Papi”, wow okay. I woke up. What’s that? If you’re not a dancer, you’ll dance on this. I mean, not really, some people just don’t dance. But the track is kind of demanding to dance. It gets old fast, though.

“Until It Beats No More” is a first real ballad. And it’s quite a good one, as well. The thing is with Jennifer, is that she’s not the world’s best singer. She’s not the worst either, but in a lot of songs, she can sound quite monotone. But in ballads, she really tends to show off what she’s got.

Heavy beats, it’s something we’re used to by now, and it’s coming back on “One Love”. I think I heard that song in a store once. Anyway, it’s not that special, really. It’s not.

So, “Invading My Mind” has got a few producers, and one of them is Lady Gaga and because of that my expectations were things like bombastic gay music, and yes, I was not wrong. I personally think it’s amazing because I like bombastic gay music. Ha.

The intro of “Villian” sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”, actually the whole song gives me that vibe. Or at least a Timbaland vibe. Speaking of, where is that guy now?

The last one is a ballad-like track called “Starting Over”. I have to say, I have heard a lot of good work from Danja, and I’m not complaining, but this isn’t mind blowing. It reminds me of a Pussycat Dolls bonus track or something.

I guess she played safe with this album. The club electro/house tracks are hot right now, especially if you include names like Pitbull in them. She even picked the kind of producers that would guarantee success because of their name. Is it because she didn’t want the album to do worse than her previous album, Brave? Either way, it did work. The songs are one the radios, and people are buying. But it’s not my personal taste. It’s really just quite predictable.



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