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Selena Gomez & The Scene – When The Sun Goes Down

She’s living the teenage dream, if not the American dream. Selena Gomez, who’s only nineteen has had a acting career with Disney ever since she was in first grade. But since a few years she’s discovered she has a voice and it’s a pretty poppy one too. Perfect for the teen pop scene she grew up in. Besides from her early career and the major success it has, she’s accomplished something else: dating Justin Bieber. All girls under 15 are so jealous of her, she receives several death threats. Luckily for her, she’s still alive and well. At least well enough to make this album, that all the teenage boys (because the girls are hating her for kissing Justin) will buy.

I Love You Like A Love Song, the second single and first track of the album, has an electro-pop feel. I wouldn’t say it’s genius,but it’s catchy and that’s basically what artists like Selena Gomez need. It’s repetitive, but she’s pointing that out in the chorus, anyway. So she’s basically saying; I do it because I can.

The repetition continues in Bang Bang Bang. The chorus only contains two sentences, but I can’t say it’s really annoying. It actually sounds, because of the contribution of The Scene, a lot like a La Roux track, and that’s quite a compliment for someone like Selena Gomez. Or an insult to La Roux, which ever you prefer.

Ah, the beautiful innocence of teenage pop. Who Says is the perfect example of that innocent image they’re trying to create. The song is pure empowerment towards teenage girls (and/or boys). It’s actually written for everyone who’s been cyber bullied. That’s what I heard, at least. Either way, it’s the kind of song you expect and the kind of song that makes her the big bucks.

We Own The Night is featuring Pixie Lott. This is actually a surprise to me, and a nice one too. Pixie is someone I consider the teenage pop queen of the UK. She’s young, blonde, beautiful and she can sing. Enough about Pixie, it’s not a bad song. I’m not going to lie, I like it. But, it’s not exactly a big song. Just fun. Gals hanging out.

However, I spoke too loud, because in Hit The Lights she totally gets loose. Did not expect that. But don’t get me wrong, it’s weird how she sings these songs. So different. I mean, she’s singing about clubbing in an odd “this will help you with your problems” way. Normally, non pre-teen orientated pop singers would talk about all the things that shouldn’t be talked about in the daylight. But when she sings about going out and dancing, it’s almost like she’s going to a religious experience. So weird. But, good and catchy song.

Whiplash, co-written by Britney Spears (which is odd since she never writes things for her own albums), is quite electronic. And it will probably be one of my favourite tracks, really. Maybe it doesn’t necessary have to be good, this song. This is something parents won’t like that much.

Every time I hear the phrase When The Sun Goes Down, I think about The Arctic Monkeys, but I guess I’m pretty off with that, am I?  This track, it shits pop. Of course, The Scene does the electronic work, like every other track. But pop music is mostly electronic these days, so that’s no excuse. However, it might be a track that’s stuck in my head for a long time. Good lord, I mean it.

I am sometimes wrong about the content of a track judging by the title. You can’t judge a book by its cover, they say. But hey, My Dilemma isn’t that hard to read. However, I thought she would have like a serious dilemma like how to cure cancer or something, and from the intro I also thought it would be a ballad. But it’s just another track, and the dilemma is about a guy. Whatever it is though, I keep singing “my dil-lil-lemma, my dilemma. ”

That’s More Like It isn’t my favourite, it’s really not. It’s too pre-teen for me, it might be the beat.

Moving on, we’ve got two more tracks left, and one of them is Outlaw. In contrary of the previous track, this beat is very grown up. But it’s yet again so repetitive.

Middle Of Nowhere, the last track, has heavy beats as well. But it all turns out to be such a different track than expected. The kind she’s singing her heart out. She’s lost and “walking by myself”. Heartbreak, and a bad one.

Honestly, she’s got some good songs here. I know a lot of pop albums, including some bad ones, but you can’t deny this. It’s got strong material. But it’s teen pop, and I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy it unless they’re thirteen. If they are, they’ll love it. But I were her, I’d seriously consider a duet with her boy, Justin. Yes, I said it. That would either break them up, or built their dream home. I wouldn’t really care, but still. More power to you, Selena (and The totally irrelevant but important The Scene).


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