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Silence due changes

Hey everyone

So lets start with the start: it’s been quiet in here, I’ve noticed it too. There are a few reasons for that, but the main reason is the fact that I lost my co-writers. You may have noticed, they’re gone now, it’s only been me, myself and I.

I’ve wanted for this blog to have a few co-writers, and it worked fantastic. The co-writers that I found were great, probably better than me. But it’s a big commitment. After all, you have to write a full review every two weeks. That’s my demand because I try to do the same. However, I can’t even pay myself so I can’t force someone else to do it.

The loss of my co-workers made me struggle with time, you guys could read a review each week, now you can only read one once or twice a month. I’m really sorry for that and I’ll make it work in the future. However, we all know, us music fans, that the summer is a bitch for cd releases. But, the future is bright and I’m looking forward to review new and exciting music.

Come back soon!



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