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A Day To Remember – Homesick

A Day to Remember: you might know them, they’re the ones who combine metalcore and pop punk.The band was formed in Florida in 2003. Their music generally consists of growled verses, clean pop-punk style choruses and breakdowns throughout the songs. Like many bands, they have gone through some band member changes.  They released four albums to date called “And their name was treason (2005)”, “For those who have heart (2007)”, “Homesick (2009)” and “What separates me from you (2010)”. Is their third effort, called Homesick worth “A day to remember” or is it just An “average Joe” in the music scene?

The Downfall Of Us All, the title track and first single of this record, is a direct smash in the face. It starts with a breakdown combined with some gang vocals saying ‘LETS GO’. These vocals are spread throughout the song in a clever way that it doesn’t become repetitive. The songs combines fast/slower paced verses with slower choruses and breakdowns. It’s a great opener for this record and keeps the listener excited to hear more.

My Life For Hire has a dark and aggressive feel. It’s a song about people who have to pay for what they’ve done wrong. It starts with a powerful guitar riff and a hard-hitting drum pattern. The verses and choruses combine clean vocals with growls from their lead singer Jeremy McKinnon. Just before each chorus the band uses gang vocals to make clear where the chorus begins. The end of this song gets some extra punch from a breakdown that says

“ Watch your back, you’ll lose yourself. This is a battleground”.

This breakdown adds something special and wants you to step of your seat and start to do some moshing action.

I’m Made Out Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? Is their second single of the record and you can say it’s a funny/strange song title. It has a more hardcore feel than the first two songs which is great, because this keeps the record interesting and it allows the band to showcase their musical qualities. As a surplus, it contains a great guest performance from Mike Hranica who’s in the Devil Wears Prada.

Nj Legion Iced Tea is a song with a deeper meaning. It’s about the band who has gone through a lot of things in the past. They survived these tough moments or pitfalls. They want to spread the message that you have to be strong and never give up. It’s one of the greatest songs the band has ever written. When you listen to it, you can feel the frustration of the band members pumping out of the speakers of your computer, headphones or speaker boxes.
Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End is one of the heaviest and darkest song on this record. Heavy riffs and loud drum patterns make sure the listener gets a dark feeling when listening to this one. I always get the creeps hearing the loud growls from the lead singer.

Have Faith In Me is their third and last single of Homesick. It’s a more slow-paced but very heartfelt rock song. This is the softest one besides “If It Means A Lot To You” on the record. With this song they add a great intermezzo and a pause for the listener to take some breathe and have a seat and enjoy a song with a deeper meaning. Have Faith In Me showcases their large range in song writing. Not only do they master the fast and aggressive songs, they can also write a more emotional and heartfelt tune.

Welcome To The Family is a hard and heavy song that combines loud growls with clean choruses. It has a guest vocal appearance from Vincent Bennett from the Acacia Strain. I can honestly say that Welcome To the Family is the song that I first didn’t like, but it’s got some growing potential. After giving this record a few spins, this song became one of my favourites of their third record.

Homesick is the title and the eight song on the record. The verses are straight forward and very fast, where the choruses are slower paced. After using less gang vocals in the previous songs, they appear again on this tune. Needless to say, A Day To Remember knows how to combine fast paced parts with slower parts. The song fits perfectly together and your ears get filled with some fine riffs and drum patterns.

Holdin’ It Down For The Underground starts off very heavy with some growls from their lead singer. The musical structure is the same as Welcome To The Family. They only added a large heavy breakdown and some gang vocals to give this song an extra punch.

You Already Know What You Are has a hardcore feel but is also a very short track. It’s only 1 minute and 14 seconds, but the raw power of this song keeps it interesting enough to have a place on this record.

Another Song About The Weekend is definitely the happiest song on this record. It has a pop punk feel. It’s a typical summer song and this one begs you to scream out the air of your lungs and sing along with the easy lyrics. When I heard this song for the first time, I couldn’t resist sitting on my chair. I had to jump around and sing the lyrics out loud.

If It Means A Lot To You is the slowest song on the record. It’s a love ballad about to people who love each other but haven’t seen each other in a while. With this song A Day To Remember showcase their ability to write a good ballad. The song is a collaboration of Versa emerge Sierra Kusterbeck and the lead singer Jeremy McKinnon. Just before the end the songs explodes and gives the listener a final punch in the face.

In the end Homesick is for sure the best album A day to remember have produced to date. It shows the world they can write heavy, soft, hard, dark, aggressive and fast forward punk songs without any doubt. Musically it’s a pleasure for the ear and a great record to add to your collection. A must have for every A day to remember fan and a great record to start with for the new kids on the block.

Written by guest writer Tim Pearson.

Thanks, Tim 😉




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