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O, One Republic

OneRepublic – Waking Up

We all still know the from their monster hit, “Apologize”, that came out in 2007, but they haven’t been standing still. Next year they’ll release their third album, but I’m still enjoying their last, “Waking Up”. The five-headed band from Colorado says they’re influenced by U2 and The Beatles, so you can’t deny I’ve got high expectations. Afterall, I was singing (always too high and out of key) Apologize for months. 

Made For You, which is the first track, starts off with the singer whispering: “one, and two and three and four” for a couple of times. Then, the drum and piano kick in. It’s a rather slow track, mid-tempo I would have to say. It’s even a bit dreamy. However, it does feel like something is going to come in and take your breath away. It never really comes though. The strangest thing then happens, they start to sing the chorus to “All The Right Moves”, which is the leading single and next track.

Speaking of, All The Right Moves begins and it’s a really sweeping song. It’s got a happy feeling, but it also feels really content to me. They’re going down, like they sing. I really enjoy it, but then again, that’s normal. It’s their leading single, they know what to choose. I’ve actually heard a little birdie say that they’ve been singing that song on tour, long before the release of their album. They then recorded it, and that’s the result.

Since they are known for one of the best ballads of the last couple of years, they have a reputation. Secrets is the first ballad, and also a single. It starts with a beautiful violin, which continues in the background throughout the track. They’re pretty good at ballads, aren’t they?

Everybody Loves Me isn’t a ballad at all, in fact it’s got an edge. Obviously, the title has got a big ego, and so does the song. However, this song reminds me of some other song, but I can’t say what. God, I hate when that happens.

They seem to switch it up, because Missing Persons 1 & 2 is another ballad. Not sure what it’s about, but I know that this track is quite different. The instruments are really important here. It’s rather astonishing.  I’m reminded a lot by a Muse track, especially with the high vocals of lead singer Ryan Tedder and the kind of out of this world music.

Good Life is very vibrant. It’s got a lot of energy, with various instruments playing in the back, and a bright guitar riff. Good Life is also the fourth and last single of the album.

The next track, All This Time, has as long approach, until you hear a piano. That’s how the whole song goes, really. It’s built up very slowly. When the violins begin, in the bridge, the song starts to explode and its the violins that make the track.

The violins come back on Fear, the track is really dramatic and the chorus mainly contains long stretched notes of the word, and title, “fear”. The piano makes it strong, but it’s done before I know it.

Dramatic might even be a key word, especially in the title track, Waking Up. It starts off with an organ. And soon enough, the guitar kicks in. No more organ. It is now rock. However, it’s still really heavy to listen to. Well, most of their tracks might be. It’s fantastic if you feel the same way, but for other listeners it’s just a heavy load. But don’t be mistaken, the musical part is fantastic. Could be movie material. Hands down.

Marchin On is pretty much how I expect it. It’s inspiring. That’s how it feels, really. With an almost constant “we-ooh” in the back, and a heavy drum its pretty inspiring. That’s the word, inspiring. And it should be, since it’s used for the FIFA.

I’m not sure why artists love to call their songs Lullaby but, they do. I for one think it’s mostly about the fact that they’ve got this song, which is a ballad, and they want to put it on the record but “untitled” is a mess. However, this feels like an actual lullaby.

So, it seems like the record is played and I am pretty pleased with what they’ve come up with it. It’s really dreamy, and the instruments are very important, and grand.  Grand, inspirational and dreamy are probably the keywords to the album, and the band. I didn’t expect that, though. The singles are really commercial, the pop/rock kind of stuff. But if you listen closer, they make a lot deeper music than we think we know from them. But do we always want to go that deep? If you do, then get yourself a copy.



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