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Gotye – Making Mirrors

He was born in Belgium, but raised in Melboure, Australia. His name is Wouter De Backer, but his stage name, Gotye. Like Jean Paul Gaultier, but then spelled differently for Australian people to read it right. He’s released two previous albums already, but both didn’t do as well as his last, “Making Mirrors”. And that probably has one reason, his  leading single; “Somebody I Used To Know”. Not your usual pop single, but it’s huge in several countries. And so, it is my duty to pay it forward.

Making Mirrors is title track, but also the intro for the whole album, is short and soft. Who knows what this album is going to be

I feel like rocking out. Luckily for me, he felt the same when he made Easy Way Out. It kind of reminds me of a Lenny Kravitz song. The chorus is crazy and rock N Roll, but the verses seem to calm him down.And that’s what makes it pretty damn good.

Somebody I Used To Know, the leading single, is to my opinion one of the best tracks of this year. It’s been floating on the radios for a couple of weeks before I noticed it. But when I did, I was hooked, and so were others. This track is starting to take over a few countries, if not the world. I guess, partly because of the atypical pop songs Adele sings, people start to love that kind of music. The intensity of the lyrics and the beauty of his voice make it so real. Kimbra does a good job, as well.

However, the new kind of genre where people pour their hearts out, it’s really depressing. But no worries because Eyes Wide Open pops up and it’s cheerful. This one actually proves (again) that this man can sing. The sad thing is: you think its cheerful but the lyrics are so, so sad.

Everything we had, everything we did, is buried in dust. And this dust is all that’s left of us

Lucky him, most of these typical sad lyrics/ cheerish melody tracks are usually the best of the album.Next up: Smoke And Mirrors. Its weird, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, he makes it his way to make strange tracks beautiful. The ending is quite astonishing.

Is it me? Did I just shuffle my iTunes or what? I Feel Better sounds like an old funk song, or at least a Cee Lo Green one. He even sings like him, too.  So, that’s interesting. Can’t say I don’t like it though, it cheers me up. If I don’t feel better after this, then I gotta go check myself in a psychiatric ward. Okay, no that’s a bit harsh.

Lets continue with In Your Light, which now sounds like an old country track to me. Boy, this man has many styles up on his sleeve. But wait, where is he? Oh, right after a minute he comes in. I wouldn’t have minded if it was fully instrumental though, it was nice. But its nice when he sings, as well.

He doesn’t really seem to leave the funk with State Of Art. But it’s not traditional either, since auto tuned his voice and lowered it until it sounds like a robot. But that makes it so catchy, its odd. However, it’s a bit long. If you want to complain, that is.

Moving Forward, Don’t Worry We’ll Be Watching You is kind of odd, to say the least. Gotye is whispering the whole time, the track is very mysterious. In fact, it kind of creeps me out, but in a good way. If that makes any sense.

Giving Me A Chance sounds like an intro/outro, but it’s really not. But it’s still nice, I liked listening to it while it lasted.

Save Me is very inspiring. The music is really pretty as well, the piano is lovely.

Bronte is a very slow track with heavy drums. Slowly making a march out, I guess. It’s actually quite intriguing.But I’m used to intriguing by now. It makes me sad, though. Or is it because I’m sad that the album is ending? Not sure.

You can’t deny it and in fact: why would you want to? This album is a great album. I still really haven’t figured out his style yet, but putting artists in boxes never were my thing anyway. He knows his way around in the industry and with instruments, but he also knows how to make a modern computerized track without it being electronic. If I wasn’t impressed before, I am now. Besides, he was born in Belgium. What can I say?



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