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Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

A lot of Coldplay fans have been waiting for this new album, and so have I. The band’s fifth studio album has been released a few weeks ago, and it’s been an instant hit. But everyone saw that coming after the release of their leading single Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. Chris Martin and his three mates have been around since 1996, and they’re still going. In the past they’ve had big hits such as Clocks, Yellow, Speed Of Sound and of course, Viva La Vida. And the list isn’t stopping there. So what’s this new, always weird titled, album like?

well, it starts with the title track, Mylo Xyloto. Which is more of an intro for the next song. What can I say? It’s typical Coldplay. At least, the style that they’ve been creating since their break after X&Y. It builds up slow, and when you start to feel like it’s about to blow up, Hurts Like Heaven starts.

And I guess you can say that Hurts Like Heaven does a good job blowing the place up. It’s really energetic, which I like. Usually I like it when an album starts with an energetic track. So here I go. I’m not sure why but it makes me want to do The Twist, this track. Doesn’t it? Oh well. They always manage to make these interesting lines, that actually fit as well, like this line:

you, you use your heart as a weapon, and it hurts like heaven

Coldplay is kind of that band that likes to jump right into the singles, like they did with Paradise, the third track of the album. We all know Paradise already. Some may know it because it sounds like a Roxette track, others may know it because it’s played on the radio so many times a day you can not, not know it. But it’s a good song. And I can see people catching theirselves sing “para, para, paradise” with Chris. And the video is pretty interesting too, isn’t it? Besides the whole elephant concept of it all, doesn’t anyone agree that the intro of the video looks like the scenery of The Lion King?

Charlie Brown starts just like I like them to start a track, slowly and a tad odd, but then falls into a rapid track. The heavy piano playing in this one is typical Coldplay if you ask me. Near the end, it slows down again, and the funny intro sound starts again. What is that anyway? But, of course they have to reach a climax some how, and so it starts all over again, soon enough. But this time, it feels like they’re doing it harder and faster. And then, at the very end, they let the track stop with a slow and comforting piano sound.

Us Against The World is kind of what the last album has been missing, the acoustic softer song. They have done that before, but just not lately. And honestly, I missed it. Their first album, Parachutes had a bit too much of those tracks, but they haven’t done that for a while.

But were moving on with their leading single, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, and is intro M.M.I.X. The intro doesn’t do anything, really. Mostly its just a long prep for the leading single that is about to come up. And then it comes, and we all know that we like it. I have to say, the first time I heard it, it reminded me a lot of their previous album. Especially the guitar riff. The track has a lot of ups and downs. But it’s still pretty energetic.

Major Minus is energetic as well, certainly at the chorus but its a lot darker. It’s an example of why Coldplay is called a rock band sometimes, because most of the times they’re a lot softer. But this one seems like they’re angry. I can’t deny I like it. This is one for my down days.

After blowing off some steam, we’ve got another acoustic track with U.F.O. And it’s quite nice. Relaxing.But I’m ready to kick some butt again, and they understand that as well. Because they’re releasing Rihanna on us on a track called Princess Of China. I find the track a bit odd at first, but after you get used to it, I’m pretty sure it’ll hit off in the charts. No doubt they’re going to release this as a single. Everything Rihanna touches turns into gold.

Up In Flames, being the only ballad on the album, is pretty sad. Some might find it a masterpiece, but I can’t say I am that impressed.

Let’s continue with Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, and the yet another intro for it, A Hopeful Transmission. I would be lying if I would say that I don’t like these intros, but you have to admit that they’re always a white lie, for a bit. People expect it to have more tracks than it actually does. However, this last intro proves that sometimes an intro is needed. Because Don’t Let It Break Your Heart starts with a clash. And the clashing doesn’t seem to end, so an intro is nice here. But I love the track anyway.

The ending of Don’t Let It Break Your Heart fades into the beginning of the last track, Up With The Birds. This one is pretty much how you would expect that Coldplay would end an album. First, it’s really slow and kind of sad, but then it builds up and it becomes an explosive happy track.

Yes, I’ve waited a long time for this new album, and it finally arrived and I am not disappointed. In fact, I love it. I’ve known their work, and appreciated it, for a long time and they’ve really evolved. However, they haven’t so much from their last album. There are a lot of elements in there that were already there in 2008, with Viva La Vida. But why keep on working on something that’s already pretty good? I’ve you’ve got what people like, then go with it until they don’t like it anymore. I’m buying it, and I’m not going to be the only one.



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