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K, Katy B

Katy B – On A Mission

Katy B, the twenty-two year old English singer has been around for quite some time now, but it’s only been a couple of months she’s getting worldwide recognition. Katy B isn’t just a pop singer, she mixes several styles including dubstep, R&B and house with each other. The outcome is usually pretty catchy and makes her style both commercial and underground at the same time. Her debut, On A Mission, was released in the spring, so it’s about time we review it, won’t you say?

The first track is called Power On Me. It’s exactly how you would want her to start an album, a bit poppy but with electronic beats. It’s kind of built up slow, but its powerful enough to make it up-beat. However, I do feel like she could have picked a more up-beat first track, like for example, the second track Katy On A Mission.

It’s her first single, which was already released in summer 2010. This track contains a lot of dubstep and its got a lot of swing to it. Especially when she sings “oo-ooh-ooh”, you immediately want to try to sing it as well but then realise you can’t reach the notes. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway.

Why Are You Always Here is a good question for some people, and it’s the third track. Its got a long intro, and the lyrics are interesting. It’s about a girl who’s got a boyfriend who’s obviously in love with some other girl, but she’s the only one who sees it. It’s a bit repetitive, there isn’t a lot more than the chorus and a verse. But maybe that’s her style or any Dubstep kind of style and I just have to get used to it.

Either way, Witches Brew has already begun. It’s got an interesting beat on the background, and luckily it’s a different one in the chorus because I’d get irritated after a while. I really like the bridge. The then sings:

Open up your eyes now, now your love belongs to me.  Now there’s no escaping me.

Movement is a lot more funky. But, it’s again a little boring and repetitive to me. I’m not sure but I’m thinking this is a filler. Even though its funky, it doesn’t have a lot of energy. And I guess I need some energy.

However, I do like Go Away. I’m not sure why, but it moves me. It’s sweeping, and I like that. Besides, I like the beats that backing her up a lot more as well.

Moving on, we’ve got Disappear. It’s not quite an up-tempo track but it has this flow, that is quite nice. Especially the chorus, it’s catchy. I’ve noticed the lyrics as well. I kind of notice it in all of tracks, she has a great style of writing if you ask me. Really British.

It’s mad, how something so real could be conditional.

It makes you realise that things just simply change. But on a brighter side, we’ve moved on to Broken Record. Okay, that track isn’t happier either, but it is way more up tempo. I guess I expected more up tempo tracks, but I guess I was wrong. Broken Record is pretty nice.

The most famous track is Lights On,  featuring Ms. Dynamite. Gosh, you have no idea how many times I’ve heard this track. On the radio, in clubs, everywhere. It was crazy. But you can’t deny it, it’s pretty catchy. As for me, I don’t keep on moving with the lights on, though.

I’ve heard Easy Please Me on the radio quite a few times as well, but most of time, I listen to it on my own terms. I guess it’s my favourite track of the album and it’s so damn true. We’re picky and we know why. We’ve got our reasons. I love the end of the track. I guess I kind of miss that in other tracks, the instrumental part.

Perfect Stranger doesn’t have an instrumental ending, but it does have an instrumental intro, and I really appreciate it. I like the whole song, actually. It’s sweeping, and you know I like sweeping. However, it does kind of get boring with the verses, and that’s really a downer.

Last but not least (I know, cliché, right?): Hard To Get. Is it funk, is it dance? Who knows, but it’s nice. It’s a good ending, really. The nice thing is the thank you’s she’s giving at the end of the track. You’re welcome, Katy B.

So basically, I can’t complain. I wont. It’s a nice album,it really is. The hard part is that’s really not something I would ever buy. Luckily for her, I’m one of the few people who feel that way since it is a huge deal, especially in the UK. But the question is; will it last? In this quick society, where the kids who listen to this kind of music change their minds every week, will this kind of music last? And if it won’t, will she be able to reinvent herself and come up with a new concept and style? I really hope so because I like the girl. Up to the second album.



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