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Evanescence – Selftitled

It has been a while since the world heard something from Evanescence. To be honest I thought they had quit.  After five years they are back with a new record.  Their previous albums had great hits such as “Bring Me To Life”, the beautiful rock ballad “My Immortal”, one of my all time favourites, and “Going Under.” They’ve been a pleasure for my ears for years and I’m curious to hear some new tracks. So there’s only one question to be answered. Is this band back and ready to blow the fans away, or does this new record sound bland?

The opening track, called What You Want, is the leading single of this new record. It starts with a powerful drum intro that instantly grabs the attention of the listener. The song is dark, aggressive and well put together with some heavy guitar riffs and drum patterns, combined with some soft piano tunes during the choruses. It ends  with a drum pattern, a heavy guitar riff and the voice of Amy fading out into the second track.

Made Of Stone is a totally different track. The beginning is dark and has a mystique feel. Overall, it has a more hard rock feel than the first track. At the middle the tracks breaks down and builds up to a climax. This part is filled with a piano tune and orchestra, the blistering voice of Amy Lee, that gives me chills and a little guitar solo. This part gives the song that extra punch it needed, because without it, it would sound rather boring.

That brings me to the third track, called The Change. When the first two songs make you want to scream your lungs out, this one makes you want to close your eyes and relax, because it’s a rather slower song. The song ends with a distorted guitar that fades out into the fourth track.

My Heart Is Broken is why I loved this band in the past. This song combines great piano tunes with the powerful voice of Amy Lee. The heavy drums and guitar riffs make me feel like I’m listening to Evanescence a few years ago, but now with a more mature sound and vocals.

The Other Side showcases a darker and aggressive side of this band. When listening to it I got the feeling this song would be rather boring. But that wasn’t the case. Just when you think it will end like it started, the song falls apart. Then, the piano comes in and builds up to a great finale, which is very powerful and strong.

Next up: Erase This. I’m not sure how to feel about this track. It starts great with a fast drum pattern, but it sounds bland. This song doesn’t give me what I expected it would be. I’m sure there will be fans who love it, but it doesn’t give me the aha feeling, that I got during the first five tracks.

Moving on, we’ve got Lost In Paradise. This song reminds me of “My Immortal”. This song simply took my breath away and gave me chills from the start to the end. It starts as a piano ballet, but just before the second verse the song explodes in to a rock ballad, combined with strings and a piano. It ends in a soft way, with a piano tune that guides you to the next one.

The next tune, Sick, really is sick. It’s the darkest one on the new record. You simply want to headbang and scream out your frustration, when listening to it. At the end of the song Amy Lee screams the following words

“sick of it all, sick of it all “

After these words the song slowly fades out into the next track.

End Of The Dream is very dark, but it doesn’t add much to the new record. It’s been written so many times before. It can easily be skipped.

Next in line is Oceans. Its one of my favourites. The verses are slow and dark and the choruses are aggressive and powerful. They’ve written songs like that in the past but this one really pulls it off in a different and more mature way.

Never Go Back is the track that blows me of my chair. It’s so aggressive, fast and hard. To be honest, I was amazed when I heard it for the first time. It’s one of the heaviest and best songs they’ve ever written. With that being said, lets move on to the final track of this record.

The closing track, called Swimming Home is a slow song, but it’s different from all the other slow songs they have ever written. It only uses a drum and a piano. But the slightly spooky voice of Amy Lee gives the song the extra punch it needed to end the record in a great way.

They’re back in a good way. The record has some stand out tracks such as “Never Go Back”, “My Heart Is Broken”. It also has a few letdowns like ” Erase This” and “End Of The Dream”. I only can say it’s a great record, but it’s not their best effort to date. But in the end the band is back and has a promising future ahead.



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