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Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

She used to be known as “the first American Idol” winner, but now that name means so much more than that. More than 8 years after the release of her first album, “Thankful”, she has now released her latest work. With songs like “Since U Been Gone”, “Miss Independent” and “My Life Would Suck Without You” Kelly has been one of the leaders in the music industry when it comes to catchy Pop/Rock tracks. But will she do it again with “Stronger”?

It starts with the first single, Mr. Know It All. The track starts quite soft, but it builds up nicely. It kinda reminds me of Breakaway, a nice catchy pop track, without further explanation needed.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) is a little more typical Kelly in the way that it’s a lot more pop/rock, than Mr. Know It All. However, I hear a lot of electronic music, but that’s okay. Actual instruments are rare these days. I feel like she’s matured in this track, though. No more “I’ll survive without you” type of lyrics. Or revenge lyrics. She’s still heartbroken, apparently.

The first ballad, Dark Side, is quite sad, but it’s also really romantic. I’m usually bored by ballads, but this one hits me in the face. Well, not quite. But it’s one of the better ballads that I’ve heard of Kelly, and I think it’s because it sounds like she actually means it.

Honestly starts with a guitar riff, and another good ballad strikes again. It’s a little cliché, but aren’t they all? I know I’m stating the obvious when I say she has a great voice, after all, she won a whole contest based on that. But it still touches me.

If all girls would decide that they should make an album about their ex-boyfriends, we wouldn’t have normal music anymore. Lucky for us, most girls can’t and she can. You Love Me sticks around.

I’m not sure if Einstein is the best track, however, I do like the lyrics.I mean, ouch.

I may not be Einstein, but I know that dumb plus dumb equals you

I do like Einstein because it’s sassy and kind of cheerful at the same time. It’s not hard to listen to, at all.

another slow track is Standing In Front Of You. I actually like it because it’s so calm, it calms me down. I’d make a baby go to sleep. I’ve also prepared myself to have the song on repeat in my head all day long. That has happened before in this album, though.

All these slow tracks aren’t exactly the happiest of them all, but I Forgive You cheers me up again. It’s quite light-hearted, and pretty catchy. And thank god, she’s finally forgiving someone. I always love it how she screams it out in the bridge. Showing off her vocals, nice move.

Hello isn’t that happy lyric wise, but it’s pretty cheerful sounding to me. All though, I do have to say she’s done better before, and even worse – it kind of sounds the same like all the other tracks I’ve already heard, and I’m not even talking about this album. I guess that’s the major minus of staying with the same genre for a long time. She’s got a style, and it’s a good one but she is sometimes going to stumble on tracks she’s done before.

the beginning of The War Is Over is pretty mysterious. The track has a slow build up, but kicks in at the chorus. I mean, it’s nice, but it’s so sad again. Why must it be so sad?

The next track, Let Me Down, isn’t rainbows and sunshine either, however it’s pretty strong and I love that. This album needed a strong track like this one. Harder and faster, that’s always nice every once and a while.You Can’t Win is as strong as the previous track. The sad thing is, it’s not that much different either.

The last track, Breaking Your Heart, kind of makes me think of some country song. It’s obvious she’d be good at that, as well. Modern country like Lady Antebellum, why not? However, it doesn’t impress me. I might not be a country fan, or  I’ve just heard it before, really.

Sadly, that’s kind of the ballance of the whole album. One song sounds like the other sometimes. I can’t say they’re bad tracks, because I can appreciate them all. But it’s been done before. I’m not going to be too harsh though. Kelly Clarkson is still a good singer, and she still manages to make great pop/rock tracks that actually have the abillity to get stuck in your head for a long period of time. And the truth is, she does have a thing and she sticks with it and most of her fans, they like that. Who can blame them, right? I won’t.



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