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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

What do I need to say about the Foo Fighters? They have been around for 15 years, have seen the whole world and created great records. In 2011 they’ve put their selves back on the music radar with a new record called Wasting Light. This resulted in four Grammy awards this year. To create this new disc they went into the studio with Butch Vig and recorded it on analog tape. This has definitely put a stress on the shoulders of the band members, because it had to be done perfectly by the first time. This particular thing made me curious how this new record would sound like. So, are they ready to gain the attention of the audience again?

Bridge Burning, the first track sets the record straight, by all odds. Only after hearing the great guitar intro combined with a blistering drum roll, this song kills it. It’s a classic and heavy Foo Fighters song. It’s great to hear that they still can write great music that is simple and catchy as hell. I’m sure this song sounds so awesome during a live performance.

The second one is called Rope, which is the first single of the new recordLike “Bridge Burning” it has an intro that pulls you in to the song, but it’s shorter than the previous one. For this song they used a different approach. It’s a softer song. Actually you can say it’s a rock ballad, but damn it’s a great one. In the middle part you get to hear a great drum and guitar solo that spices up the song with some raw Foo Fighters power. After that the song drags itself to the end.

Next up is Dear Rosemary. To be honest I don’t dig this song very much. For me it’s to repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, the music is great but it’s lacks creativity. I could easily skip this one and move on to the next track.

White Limo totally took my breath away. This is why I love the Foo Fighters in the first place. A straightforward, raw and heavy song that blows the hell out of your speakers. So, after my speakers almost broke, the next song has already begun. This one is called Arlandria.

This track pulls the fast pace out of the record. Which isn’t a bad thing because I was already exhausted from the head banging onto three of the four previous tracks. It’s a great song but like “Dear Rosemary” I’m not too excited. So lets move on to the second half of the record.

The second half starts with the power rock ballad These Days. I must say this is the best song so far from the new record. Everything fits perfectly together. The instrumentation is superb and well-balanced. The voice of Dave Grohl is spot on. If I had to pick my all time favourites from them, this song would certainly be on top of the list.

Back and Forth has great verses but it has some strange sound throughout the choruses that I’m not digging too much. Therefore they could have done better with this one.

A Matter Of Time is a killer tune. Only after hearing this track once, I was hooked. It has a simple but catchy structure and great lyrics that are easy to sing onto. While you are listening to the music you naturally feel at easy and relaxed.

Next up: Miss the Misery. Not a happy title to be honest. Why would you miss the misery? It’s not a typical Foo Fighters song because it’s very edgy and dark. Because of that, It’s something that I’m not familiar with which is great. Variation keeps the music worth listening to.

Something different definitely suits the next track called I Should Have Known. For this track they stripped everything down and used an orchestra to create a certain depressive atmosphere. This track may sound a little weird at the first time, but it’s one of the deepest songs on record. Why aren’t there more songs like that on the record?  I’m curious to hear what the last song will sound like.

Walk is the second single and a brilliant song to end this record. There are a few things I would like to say about this one. First I got goosebumps. Second I almost started to cry. And last but not least, it’s  one of the best and heartfelt songs I’ve heard from them.

They have put theirselves back on the music radar with a great record that has its standout moments like Walk, Bridge Burning, These Days and A Matter Of Time. They took risk by recording it on analog tape, but the risk certainly has paid off in a good way. I’m curious what they will come up in the future, but for now there’s Wasting Light.



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