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Madonna – MDNA

Madonna: One of the few artists that doesn’t need introduction anymore. Many times she’s described as a legend, sometimes as the Queen Of Pop. However she may be giving up her thrown for someone younger soon, she’s still around and hotter than ever. We’ve always known Madonna, and she’s never known anything else than the entertainment business either. Besides from her twelve albums (MDNA included), she also has some acting and directing skills on her plate. And, we also might want to buy some of her clothes. But lets keep our focus on the music. In more particular, the new album.

Oh my god,  not only is it the reaction to the video for Girl Gone Wild, but it’s also the first thing she says on the track and on the album. Yes, it’s typical Madonna. The video has so much nudity and sexuality, it’s kind of crazy. But I can’t deny it, it’s still really sexy even though I know she’s my mother’s age by now. Of course, they made the wise choice to not only put her in the video but to put some fine men in it as well. The track is produced by Madonna herself and Benny Benassi. And that’s really something. I can definitely sense the vibe she’s going for and it’s working well.

She’s not stopping here with her sexuality things. Gang Bang, well… the title already says it all. It’s really electronic and pretty monotonic but it’s basically really straight forward. The bridge also includes a little dubstep, so that’s an obvious decision. We love dubstep nowadays. I don’t get why it’s called Gang Bang when she sings Bang Bang all the time but well, it’s Madonna. The ending is kinda hardcore.

I’m already guessing that this album is pretty electronic since this next one is really electronic as well. It’s called I’m Addicted and it’s really energetic. It starts quite slow but then at the chorus, we’re in full speed. She also repeatedly sings the album’s name.

A track that is a little more poppy is, Turn Up The Radio. It’s a lot less serious, and I like that. But the chorus is a bit repetitive and it’s getting boring after a while. I has the groove, but it’s really missing something. I’m not talking musically, because it’s produced pretty good. I’ll find it later, I guess.

Up to the next track, which is the first single, Give Me All Your Lovin’. For this single she chose to team up with MIA and Nicki Minaj, which is an obvious choice since the two of them, especially Nicki is incredibly popular nowadays. If there is anyone to work with, it’s her. In the video, they’re her cheerleaders, and she’s protected by a full football team, all the time. It’s pretty funny if you see it, actually. And pure Madonna. Same for the song, really. It’s pretty great to see how she can still manage to blend in with the younger ones.

We continue with Some Girls, that starts with loud electronic trumpets, so it seems. It’s really serious, again. I actually get, and I don’t know why, an army vibe. Her voice is, on purpose, really auto tuned and it’s kind of bothering me. I know it’s what you do in electronic orientated music, but it’s just not my thing in this track.

Okay, another more poppy track. This is what I like, Superstar. This is modern Madonna: old bubblegum melodies with new beats. It’s simple and catchy. The bridge has a dubstep-like beat, again. But the over-romantic lyrics just make it whole.

We’ve heard cheerleader vibe before with the leading single, and this one, I Don’t Give A, reminds me of that as well. It’s playful but she’s also singing about a serious matter. And there is Nicki Minaj again. We’re gonna see a lot of her in this summer, aren’t we?

I’m A Sinner is probably one of my favorites. I’ve always liked Madonna for her controversial things when it comes to religion.Me and Madonna, we share opinions. Besides, the track is really catchy.

Love Spent is different. It starts with an ukulele and soon, a violin comes in. Then the electronics come in. I have to say, this track reminds me of the American Life album. Only, it’s way more electronic but the essentials are there.

I want you to take me, like you took your money

She can still do ballads, apparently. Masterpiece is a lot slower than most tracks, and I like that. The structure of a pop album is there and that, I like as well. I do wish they didn’t autotune her in this track. It would have been a lot more real. Not everything has to be electronic, you know. Unless you can’t sing. I mean computers can do a lot. But why bother? She can sing. We’ve noticed for twelve albums.

Speaking about albums, this one has come to an end. The last track, Falling Tree, is a ballad as well. And thank god, the autotune is practically gone. So I guess we’re ending this slowly, but I like it like that. I really do.  She’s known for her poppy tracks but she is also known to be opinionated. She’s not just a silly blonde. Slower tracks like that just verify that.

So this is the end. Well, I mean – the album.  I’m pretty sure she’s not done yet. Will she ever be? Will we still see her when she’s old, in a wheelchair? We won’t see her with wrinkles, we all know what happens with those, but when will she stop? I for one, doesn’t really care when. The new album is a good thing and the truth is, it’s not a bad album. Actually, the singles she’s already released are great and she still knows how to please a crowd. But, we already knew that, didn’t we? It’s Madonna for Christ sake.



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