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Fun. – Some Nights

They’re called Fun., and indeed they are. I took notice, like a lot of people, when their latest and really popular hit came out, “We Are Young”. But surely, they aren’t going to stay as a one hit wonder. They’re with three, but with six on tour. Critics describe the band, that is based in New York, as “Indie Rock”. But we’ll see about that. With their second album, they’ve become more and more popular over night. Are they worth their success?

What I know is, that Fun. is definitely not a band to put in one kind of genre. The Some Nights (Intro) is quite like a musical track, with a piano back-up. You cannot deny that Queen has had a big influence, that is very noticeable, immediately. I quite like it.

The title track of this album, Some Nights, is from the beginning very joyful. And when the drums kick in, it gets even better. This is a track that I am going to like, if you ask me. The vocalist, Jack Antonoff,  can do high notes and low notes, which is exactly what this band needs. His voice reminds me a bit of Mika, who also sings really happy tracks.

We’ve arrived at one of the most popular tracks of the summer, We Are Young. It took me some time to get used to it, but once you like it… there is no denying, it’s really good. The song, that features Janelle Monae in the chorus, starts rather slow and sad but once the chorus starts, the fire starts. Which is exactly why its so popular. It’s so magical.

Carry On is a track that starts as a beautiful acoustic ballad but once it gets started, it turns out to be more of a folk track. Its up-beat, bright and its the perfect track on a bad day. If you’ve had a shitty day, and you don’t really feel like it anymore, I guarantee, this track will cheer you up.

It Gets Better is rather heavier than the last couple of tracks. The electronic guitar is more present. It has got some punk/rock influence which makes it a nice distraction of the happy poppy tracks we’ve heard so far. The chorus get a bit repetitive, though, but kind of catchy.

The electronic guitar doesn’t go away in Why Am I The One? but its more of a ballad, and this time the rhythm doesn’t change radically. The track ends as if we’re in a fairy tale.

From a fairy tale to a video game, with All Alone. This soon transforms into a hip hop-like beat in the background. Its pretty poppy, all though the lyrics are really depressing.

I feel so all alone, no one is going to fix me when I’m broke.

Truth to be told, the lyrics might be sad, but the track isn’t depressing, at all. However, we have the exact opposite with All Alright. The title and the chorus might tell you he’s fine, but apparently he’s not because the track is rather sad. Its kind of a ballad, but only in a way Fun. can do it. With a choir at the background and occasional violins, its a pretty nice track.

We’re near the end, and  One Foot starts pretty cheerful again. It has a repetitive trumpet  based beat, which makes it very poppy and joyful.

One Foot goes directly to the last track, Stars. Its definitely last but not least with the impressive length of almost seven minutes. The intro starts as if they would start a concert, which is pretty nice and makes me think of the summer festivals that are coming up.  However, we’re almost at the middle of the track but not a lot has happened yet. And I have come to the conclusion that nothing ever really happens.

I’ve said it before, and I am going to say it again: I don’t think you can put any genre on this band. And if you ask me, they’re not going to stop mixing several genres with each other. Some people would think its because of lack of style, but they have plenty of style. Thats what makes them great. Don’t let them out of your sight, they’re going to do some big things. I know, I won’t.



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