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as you guys have been noticing, this blog hasn’t been updated as much. I have to tell you, its a lame excuse to say, “I’ve been busy”. I have but, lately, I just haven’t felt it,  as if my heart isn’t in it anymore.

This blog has been dear to me, and I’ve always loved it, but priorities have changed in my life. Writing a review every week has been fun, but its also a lot of work. You have to listen to the album a couple of times, and carefully. I also have to take the time to do a background search, get my facts straight and get to know the artist, if I want to do it right. And then, I haven’t even started to do the writing yet.

Where it comes down to is the fact that, all the things that I used to do with pleasure, have become a chore. Its not as if I don’t enjoy it anymore, I do, but I just can’t come up with the time to do it anymore. And when I have free time, I want to spend it differently. And thats not how you should run a blog.

Therefore, I am going on a hiatus. Its probably going to be a long one.

so, ciao my readers!



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