Music:  It’s everywhere. It’s in your car, its in the kitchen while making cookies, it’s outside sung by birds. It’s in movies. Just imagine a movie without music. It would be worthless. And for some people, its in their heads. You know those moments where you have one or two lines of a song in your head playing over and over? yes, everyone has it.

I wish I knew what music means to me, or to anyone in this world, but I can’t.  I grew up in a family where music always was, and still is, an important issue in our lives. My mother always likes to tell me that she used to let me listen to the raido as a baby. So I’d feel safer. Because, when you take away the music or the radio, the baby starts hearing everything. And the baby get scared. To insure my security and safety, she used to put music on. So I couldn’t hear loud trucks or dogs barking outside. But I’d only hear the sweet sounds of people singing.

Music is life influencing. It breaks or makes your mood. It even could make your day. Well, it could for me.

I don’t know how I could describe my music taste. Sometimes I think  don’t have none. But thats not true. I have  a music taste, but it doesn’t influence how I think the world works. Unlike some people who let bands influence their life style. Truth to be told, if you do that,  you put yourself in a box. Of course, thats my opinion. But we all know how it works: you wear rock clothes, you can’t listen to artists like Lady Gaga. If you dress like 50 Cent,  people don’t expect you to listen to Punk-rock.

I tend to forget about the strings and forget about the boxes some people live in and listen to all kinds of music. Maybe thats why I also tend to think I don’t have a certain music taste.  I listen to artists who are most known for their lip-syncing but I also listen to music with a raw feeling, artist who claim to never mime. Whoever you prefer, I don’t care.

Music is personal. I don’t know why, but I hate it when people look at my ipod and critize. Probably also because music is my baby, and nobody touches my baby. But I hate sharing music, too. I hate it when people come to me and snitch one earphone off my ears and puts it in their ears. Don’t do that, people. You’ve been warned. Ha, ha. I’m just kidding. It’s also kind of shameful sometimes when people look at my playlist and they don’t like it. People in those boxes can and will be very critical, and I must admit that I’m not secure and assertive enough to tell those people to shut up and listen to their own iPods. But, o well.

Music is history. To understand music now, you have to learn to understand the music from yesterday. I love listening my father’s records. Not that I like every single one of his records, but my father was born in the ’50. The start of second part of  the 20th century, but also one of the most biggest revolutionary part of the century and the 21th century.

Once, a few years ago, I read a big pink (yes it was bright pink) book. It was called “Pop! music of the last century” and it was written in 2000. Great book. It described exactly what happened and how it happened. How music developed. From Rrythm & Blues with Chuck Berry to House with… well, I don’t know any names from House. I dislike it. But you get the point. I’ll fill in a name whenever I get the chance to google.

This is what music means to me. Thank you for reading.



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