I’m Emily and I’m creator and administrator or the blog. In March 2010 I wanted to combine my love for music and writing. Obviously, that resulted into Musictastic, a music review blog. Today, it’s been a year and it’s truly been an amazing experience.

Let me tell you more about myself. I’m a nineteen year old girl, writing from a small town in a small country, Belgium. I’m the youngest of three, resulting into the fact that my brother is ten years older, my sister eight years older and married. I’m the proud aunt of a little nephew, as well.

If I could choose my future, I would get a job where travelling the world is part of the assignment. Or better: it’s required. In my ideal world, I plan on seeing the world before I’m turning thirty. But in reality, I’ve only seen large (but pretty) parts of France, and a few big cities like London and Paris. Because of the passion of writing, music and travelling combined, I could safely say that I’m not that kind of person to sit still. However, I’ve recently developed a wide interest in television. I admit – I’m a tv show addict. If I could, I’d write my own.

But all of that, are dreams for the future. Right now, I’ve just finished high school, and planning to major in Advertisement and Public Relations in college. And in between, I’m trying to find time for my friends and boyfriend.



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